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  1. The attributes are decent to good in the passing department, but only just good enough for the Poacher. Very few PTs, they're all kinda vanilla. The core question was more about why the playmaker decided to pass at the WM (regardless of the result) instead of trying a through ball in front, thus following all my instructions. I guess I have to rail then even more into what I want them to do to avoid them behaving in any other way.
  2. Nice! I still don't have the trait on any of my playmakers, hope it's gonna improve my chances. Do you use player instructions in addition to the tactic? Also, that's FM20. I'm playing FM19, don't know if the ME is the same.
  3. THIS. I'm trying to recreate this tactic. Thanks for checking. Are you playing FM19 or 20?
  4. Familiarity is OK, the issue might be Team Cohesion. I'll try this tactic again when I have better players and/or better teamwork between them. Thanks for all the tips!
  5. Thanks for the reply. 1) All the players in midfield/side midfield have at least decent Passing score for the league I'm in, good enough Technique and generally speaking 10ish Anticipation. 2) I read somewhere that Narrow attacks have a higher chance of having through balls, especially together with Exploit the Middle, while Wide is more for crossing and through balls for attackers in 2-3 forwards-related tactics. Do consider I only have one, so ideally I want through balls along the middle of the vertical line. 3) I use Lower Tempo because otherwise, DC/FBs and generally speaking people with poor Passing would try to launch the ball over the top (and no, using Take Fewer Risks isn't enough). Same for Pass into Space, especially considering they usually try to pass the ball diagonally towards the flanks. Technically, I'd want Lower Tempo for the Tiki-taka playstyle between defenders and midfield, then suddenly launch through balls to surprise the opponents. 4) This is a fair point, I think adding Be More Expressive would end in the same issue above. Removing and leaving it blank might help, sure. 5) The rest of the tactic works just fine, no problem with that. The main issue is what I described earlier, I wish for a "Jekill-and-Hyde" tactic: low tempo, shorter passages in the first phase, in order to find the perfect "channel" for the ball, then through balls from the midfielders (wide or central) to the lone striker.
  6. Hello, first post here on the forums. I find myself in a very frustrating situation during my FM19 "Non-league to Serie A" career. This is the perfect example of what happens. My team plays the ball exactly as I want, up to the point it goes to my AM. Now, the play I want him to do is a through ball to my Poacher up front (#32) so he can 1v1 the keeper and hopefully score. Instead, he passes it (badly) to the WM on the left (#8)... ... resulting in a poor and wasteful pass and giving the opposition a throw-in. The frustrating thing is I have all the possible instructions given to my AMC about NOT doing what he does: Please help. What am I doing wrong? Some extra points: 1) "Take More Risks" is on because I want him to take risky passes forward, not on the sides. 2) Maybe increase the passing in the individual instructions? Last time I tried it, all he did was launching the ball towards the corner flag, so the end result was pretty much the same. 3) I don't think overlaps are the problem, those are there more for the FBs since I have both WMs on "sit narrower". Thanks for your attention.
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