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  1. Right I'm in the home screen, and I've clicked every single option, preferences, downloads, manual, view match, credits, leaderboards and quit. Career, fantasy draft, online career and create a club. Where is this pre game editor you are all talking about? I have no idea what you are on about.
  2. That would suck if it just resets to a default. I also change my stadiums name so I wonder if the ore game editor would work considering I change the stadium name in create a club. I'll have to test this when get home today.
  3. Oh okay, I've never seen that before, is it on the start screen? I've just gone to create a club and then edit kits etc.. and like previous titles expected the stadium colour to match your dominant home kit colour.
  4. Can you tell me and show me where then please? Because my pre game editor I can change their kits and nothing else to do with colour. I literally said this in a previous comment. I started a new game the other day and I had the same problem and I clicked on every option in the pre game editor and couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. How do you do this then? All I see is options to edit the colour of kits. Which I did in my career to yellow and black and yet the stadium is all boring white and gray, the stands, the roof of the stands and the seats. All a dull 'standard' looking grey.
  6. How do you do that? I didn't see that option anywhere at the beginning of my game when creating a club.
  7. I started a game with create a club as I like to change the name of my club. I also changed my kits to something I liked more before starting the game. But I have noticed my stadium stands and seats are plain white and boring, whereas in fm18 when I did this the stands and seats were yellow like my kit. I just bought the in game editor expecting to be able to change the stadium colours with it, but so far I can't figure out if I can as in the club facilities editor it just says about changing capacity and putting a roof on etc.. So my question is, did I just waste money buying the editor as you can't change anything about the looks of the stadium? Pretty disappointing and pathetic seeing as I remember playing a ps2 manager game as a kid that allowed you to build, edit stadiums etc..
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