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  1. It won't launch. I click the shortcut, blue circle appears, black screen and then goes straight back to my desktop.
  2. Thanks Kyle I've previously read that thread prior to posting and tried all of the things listed. I only ever play with FM running and nothing else. Interestingly whenever it crashes I can not restart the game, sometimes for days. Additionally i get crashes with FM14 and FM12. However when I do have the crash with FM20, and attempt to play 12 or 14, neither of those will load either.
  3. Hi There I have the above error happening frequently. It is generally during a saved game. I have no additional skins, or add ons. Just running standard Steam version. Onboard Graphics Card is intel 630, however I have a NVIDIA GTX 1050ti card and have downloaded GeForce Experience to optimise. I'm running a standard game, All English German and Australian leagues on a Medium database. ******************** OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Syste
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