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  1. aaberdeenn

    Where to buy a suit?

  2. aaberdeenn

    Where are you all from?

    Born in Aberdeen, and currently living in the English lake district.
  3. aaberdeenn

    Grand National OTF Sweepstake

    I'll take a couple of horses please. I've sent £5.43 to clear out my PayPal account, hope that's okay.
  4. aaberdeenn

    The 2015 Formula 1 Thread

  5. aaberdeenn

    The FIFA 15 Thread

    I played a game on seasons earlier (ifk göteborg v sheffield wednesday) and both teams had blue and white vertical stripes, blue shorts, and blue socks. I managed to grind a 1-1 draw but what an absolute nightmare.
  6. aaberdeenn

    The FIFA 15 Thread

    There is no Pro Clubs on the PS3/360 versions, only on the PS4/ONE.
  7. aaberdeenn

    Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    It's been a long, long time since I've laughed so much whilst reading a thread on here.
  8. I've bought an Xbox One today after a four year Xbox hiatus playing on a PS3 instead, and have picked up Fifa/Halo and an actual decent headset too. It's like 6 years ago all over again, and my GT is the same as my username as it always was. Currently bored waiting for all this set-up malarkey to hurry up.
  9. aaberdeenn

    Anyone on Vodafone Pay as You Go?

    heh check pm's.
  10. aaberdeenn

    Anyone on Vodafone Pay as You Go?

    is there anything in it for me?
  11. aaberdeenn

    F1 2013 OTF PS3 League - Season Two

    It was always going to be to be honest, but my copy has been sent and should arrive tomorrow. I don't have a PS4 though and not sure if/when I'll get around to picking one up.
  12. aaberdeenn

    F1 2013 OTF PS3 League - Season Two

    Amazon is saying they might give you in the region of £10 depending on condition. I picked up a free £10 gift certificate through Vodafone so have the game on pre-order for £25. I've actually spent the past few weeks playing the 2011 and 2012 games cleaning up some trophies. I've had a lot of fun racing back at circuits like Istanbul, Valencia and Hockenheim.
  13. aaberdeenn

    F1 2013 OTF PS3 League - Season Two

    A week on Friday for the new game then, it's PS3/360/PC only if you've not seen. Lots of videos around now with selected people playing a final preview build. Anyone pre-ordered/planning on getting it? Races, championship(s) must be on the agenda I'd hope if there's a few?
  14. aaberdeenn

    The 2014 Formula 1 Thread

    Yes it is, and will very likely decide the championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi.