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  1. I'm surprised this thread is still going strong, I'd have thought someone would have made a new one by now. Almost 3 and a half years old!
  2. I think Luton would be a wise choice for a challenge, starting on -30 and all. I'm sure some brainy soul could come up with a decent challenge for them.
  3. How about we have another demo challenge like we did with Barrow on the 08 demo? Will keep people interested for the next 2 weeks.
  4. There's already something along those lines called "The Great Escape Challenge". The game starts in March though I think.
  5. I've a quick question on farrows and barrows. I know the answer is probably close by anywya but I thought I'd ask in here. and.. If that's not correct could someone explain to me please? Thanks.
  6. An absolutely awesome idea. Brilliance, honestly. I'd absolutely LOVE to be involved if it went ahead.
  7. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5402079792/m/8502061753 Would anyone be interested in being involved in something similar to this on FM09? Probably on a smaller scale, say 10 people maximum, with priority given to forum regulars and those who have been involved in the previous two incarnations and limited to just the EPL rather than across Europe.
  8. I believe that it may of been tried on a smaller scale a couple of times before but it's been abandoned by the person running it after a week or so. It's a good idea and doing it on that scale would take a large amount of work but if you were willing to put in the work to run it then it would work fine. I'd certainly follow it and like to be included as a player or suchlike. I'd presume someone with your experience on here would fulfill something like this and not just abandon it. from me.
  9. 1. One nation. 2. Same nationality. 3. Get jobs the proper way. 4. Entirely upto you. 5. No. And good luck.
  10. Yeah, it was good fun although we hadn't been running too long in there then. This year we've lots of new faces, and lots of new, excellent ideas. Should be much better this time around.
  11. I'd expect Birds to run it again but if not I'm more than willing to do whatever it needs to make sure we have an awards night again. Any help required, just ask.
  12. It was done last year, around September time. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5402079...832041053#5832041053
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