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  1. It's been a long, long time since I've laughed so much whilst reading a thread on here.
  2. I'll be in the away end at Carlisle on Saturday hoping Col U can get at least the point needed to stay up. I still think Scunthorpe have a good chance of staying up though so it'll be a nervy one.
  3. I hope that Bury can pull out some sort of result tonight now that they're relegated.
  4. on the topic of Oldham, do you know if they do away end PATG? I'm planning on going there Easter Monday.
  5. How did Colchester look last night? got enough to stay up you think? I watch them away a few times a season when I can and not on Aberdeen duty. Oldham and Carlisle aways penned in before the end of the season.
  6. My best season on any version (this was on 2011): http://i.imgur.com/Cmulu.jpg
  7. anyone who's been to hartlepool as an away fan, can I pay on the day and where are the best pubs?
  8. I'm off to Carlisle v Swindon today, hope to see some Di Canio in action!
  9. I usually tend to run all the leagues of one country and stay there for the duration. I did 20 years in Italy on FM10, 25 years in Germany on FM11, and I'm currently 10 years into a save in Brazil on FM12.
  10. I've seen two by an opposition player for my team but not the other way around or three by one player.
  11. I'm currently 10 seasons into a save based in Brazil on FM12 which has actually been my first ever save outwith Europe. I've had really good fun so far so I'd be keen to return to Brazil/South America. I'll also be keen to spend some time at my FM11 team (Hansa Rostock) after they were relegated back to the third tier of German football in real life last season.
  12. Once I've played a new version for a sustained period I can't ever go back to an older one. It helps when you've got a good save ongoing. My current one has been going for almost three months real time and I find my way half way through season nine (all in Brazil too which adds quite a few extra games).
  13. I've encountered the Brazilian one in my current save. I was actually ready to post it up in the bugs forum until I read the rules. I thought my 2-0 first leg win was excellent to take back home for the second leg.
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