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  1. Same issue on iPad. Get kicked out, the app crashes and closes!
  2. I think why this feature isn’t implemented is because of licensing issues for the licensed clubs ect, I think it would be a great feature for clubs that aren’t licensed like the premier league ect.
  3. Right so this absolutely baffles my head. How and why does FMT 20 not have any features to add a custom databases to your game? I can’t see this being difficult to implement into FMT, as many would agree we would love this ability to give us more creativity and freedom in FMT. I would love to see the FMT community’s amazing database creations, if it’s due to limitations on portable devices surely a feature could be added where the custom database cannot exceed a certain size eco, please consider this feature as it would be a god send!!
  4. This would will never be a feature on iOS devices due to apples security restrictions. The restrictions stop you from accessing any applications or the systems files to avoid exploiting apps, games and apples software.
  5. I wouldn’t say it’s “not” possible although it would be difficult. Portable devices are quickly advanced in technology in regards to performance and what it can handle, I wouldn’t expect anything on the current portable devices available but in the near future a full version of Football Manager should be easily achievable. I really don’t think it will be long until portable devices such as iPads etc can handle some PC games, some games are already porting over to mobile/portable devices and handling really well.
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