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  1. Thank god. That minimum release clause is jus criminally low!
  2. A DMC does seem a good idea but have not used one so cannot comment. It goes against my philosophy of attacking/exciting football lol. But having said that maybe going all out to attack can upset the odds if the game doesn't expect it...
  3. It's 2 cm's with 3 behind striker. Usually AML AMC AMR but if I want to play a narrow game then it's AMCL AMC AMCR just depends.. Strategy again depends on which team I'm playing but usually it's Standard with the shout 'get ball forward' until I assess the game as it goes on. Obviously if its Man Utd I'm up against then either counter or contain lol usually split between the two
  4. 4-2-3-1 always works for me. Got 2 CMs to contribute to attacks and shield the defence with one dropping off as DLP or BWM and the other being either a playmaker or box to box
  5. Plays well as a BWM alongside Nolan as Advanced Playmaker (S) but never holds his place down as Collison does extremely well in the same position
  6. Good start! Looking forward to this thread developing as Inter seem a good challenge on this year FM
  7. All i want for Christmas Is my 2 front teeth?
  8. FM13: Tycoon Saves

    But ty won't upload his save
  9. New skybet advert

    Sarcasm, right?
  10. [FM13] Paris Saint-Germain F.C

    Amazing opening posts.. I'm inspired to start a PSG save but really into 'you can't win anything with kids challenge' right now. What shall I do!?
  11. If only that was reality! We can only dream... What happened to shaw, prowse and the others? Did Southampton manage to keep hold of them?