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  1. I can't say if you're right on missed 1vs1s but it seems like Kozlowski had enough of them and decides to show my strikers how it's done! I also quoted your "insane value" statement as I absolutely agree, despite everything else. (I know I said I wouldn't post on this thread anymore but broke my promise to add a funny note) Edit: I think it was his Vision rating of 19 that helped him.. envision.. the outcome!
  2. Hey all, The reason I posted in the first place was to try and help because I love FM and it's so much more than a "game" to me. I really appreciate the tremendous amount of work put into this project for all these years and if I sounded offensive towards someone, then apologies, not done on purpose. I'm too old to fight over the net and too tired to try and prove Earth ain't flat. It sure feels like a sphere to me, let's leave it at that. I just checked Steam and says I've put 714hrs in FM20. Not too bad, having a family and kids. First 650hrs or so were nothing short of joyful. To make myself clear, I don't think the game is biased against the player. You might want to check this out, called it "Bradford MUST score" - and I manage Bradford. Comedy time: Benahmed and Todibo, valued 75mil each with Concetration/Decisions of 16 etc etc. Score at 0-0 in the 19th minute of the game. No fatigue or stress whatsoever. Benahmed starts a counter, then stops for no reason, probably thinking "Nah, I'll just pass it back among this group of players all running towards me". My striker misses. Keeper on the resulting free kick tells Todibo "Here mate, get the ball and please make sure you pass to their other striker because the first one missed". Todibo is only happy to oblige. Won't be doing any more postings in this thread, thank you for having me. Like I said, I don't just like FM, I love it. Thank you for making a tremendous game and please keep making it better each year.
  3. With all due respect that's just what you claim. I could reply with "Yeah, what you are saying isn't true at all". It's just a claim in both cases. One coming from an official forum moderator (so essentially someone working for the developer) and the other from a random dude on the net.
  4. I experience all of these, exactly the same way. Bold parts done by me btw.
  5. Hey all, After 20 years or more on this game, I just felt I needed to create an account in this forum to state my opinion. I could go on for a couple of pages but would run into the tl;dr so in short (again, it's just my opinion): The ME is great. It is also broken. So terribly that gets frustrating to watch at times. There's roughly a 20% of it that could and should be fixed (in FM2021, no rush) and another 80% that can't - It needs to be that way because, simply put, the developers need to come up against millions of people trying to break and exploit their ME. If it wasn't built to behave that way, the outcome would be much, much worse. Nobody would enjoy winning every match by a margin of 5 goals. I'm 8 years into my save and facing Newcastle in the FA Cup final. Just 2 weeks before I beat them 4-1 for the league at home. I go into the final using the same tactic (4-4-2 attacking) and lose 1-2. Yep, they scored from a perfect counter and an indirect free kick while I had a trillion shots, CCCs, balls hitting the posts, strikers passing to their keeper, same old same old. Ok, no big deal. These things happen (not). But it's fine. I lost a cup (won the League the same year). But then just for laughs, I reload just before kickoff and I use the game ready-made tactic 4-4-2 - Wing Play. I use the same 11 players which don't fit the roles AT ALL and the same Team Talks. I win 4-0 having 8 SOT, 1 CCC and 0 HC. My players are just THAT good compared to those of Newcastle. This is NOT a valid experiment by any means. I understand one has to run this 100 or 1000 times with different configurations before coming to conclusions. It is just a recent example but what I will state right below is my opinion after, like I said, 20 years (not game years.. real years) in the game and thousands of hours watching and analyzing stuff about it: The game "studies" the way you play, your tactic, your players, your strengths and weaknesses and tries its best to counter them, using the resources it has available (AI managers and players). This is all well and fine. But when your tactics/instructions/etc and players abilities combination is just too strong and every game tends to end 8-2 in your favor, it employs "stuff" (call them super keepers, stupid acting world-class players of your own that all of a sudden can't shoot or pass to a free teammate 4 meters away to score an easy goal) to counter this. You still get 30 shots and 20 on target and maybe score once or twice, while your AI opponents using their limited resources in an absolutely fair way score the same. That's all it is and it can come out 2-0 or 0-2 or anything in between. All that said (which might be just my wild imagination and absolutely untrue), FM2020 is a fantastic game and I will continue enjoying it as much as I can. Except from the times it makes me wanting to break the monitor. So maybe every 30 minutes on average :)
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