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  1. and would putting canada in the Uefa Nations league solve my problem with the 2022 Euro cup qualifying tournament not occurring?
  2. how would I take canada out of the Concacaf nations league then?
  3. I've seen it as well and happens often for me as I usually manage canada and if I ever get a star striker newgen due to the quality of Concacaf I find the player will surpass 250 goals by the time they are 28 and its quite annoying
  4. I also have the problem of no European spots in the first season how would I correct that or is it not possible?
  5. so for the Concacaf Nations league I would have to re-create the competition in the editor?
  6. So I successfully swapped San Marino and Canada and for the most part everything works but for some reason the 2024 euro qualifiers happened while the u 21 and u19 happened and the CANMNT was successfully registered in the 2022 Uefa World Cup qualifying tournament but they are still in the North American nations league and are therefore qualifying for the gold cup so how would I make sure that canada is registered for the Uefa nations league and the Euro qualifying tournament without recreating all international competitions with the editor. And a final minor problem is that the Nation club coefficient numbers aren't saving. while they are still adding so the rankings and continental spots change the previous years show 0.000 as seen in the photo below.
  7. I was able to do this replacing San Marino with Canada but now the Euro Qualifiers for the 2024 competition won't start and I don't know why and canada still plays in the North American nations league and San Marino in the European however the Uefa u 21 and u 19 euro championships still work
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