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  1. How do I stop conceding from set pieces? Every game I concede a set piece or a corner. I've tried man marking, I've tried zonal, I've tried combinations of both while having my players stay on their feet. If I don't concede a free kick/corner the game haunts me and gives up a phantom penalty.
  2. Thank you! Is there any resource on this forum about how different IF and W play on S compared to A? I've watched full matches but I couldn't really see much difference in positioning.
  3. This is my first time on this forum so I hope that this isn't a stupid question. I have an online save with my friends and we started in the championship and are now in the Prem. I was given Leeds and used a possession tactic to walk the league. However, I've had the hardest time adapting to the prem and am bottom of the two others who got promoted who are fighting for 10th. Is playing tiki-taka just too stupid as a newly promoted side or is my tactic just bad. My issue is scoring, if I'm playing a team of similar quality I dominate the match and don't concede many chances, but I cant sco
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