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  1. There are a few changes I would like to see, although its a great game without them I think the following would add to the experience: 1. An overhaul of the tactics. I'm not a fan of the sliders, they don't feel 'football' enough to me. I'd prefer a visual indicator of what the changes did to my players positioning/mentality. An on the ball/off the ball system as in previous versions may be tedious for many (I'd like it) but at least give us a visual indicator of how my players positioning would change when I adjust a slider. After all, real managers don't use sliders to tell players what they do. 2. More control over set pieces. I want to create 3 or 4 different set pieces and set players runs similar to how I position playres on the tactics screen. I think it would be far more enjoyable scoring a goal from a corner routine you designed yourself than simply clicking 'near post flick on' for your tallest centre half. 3. More informative coach reports, similar to scout reports. They could suggest areas they think the players can improve on with match experience, areas which could be improved by training and areas which players are unlikely ever to improve on (Paul Scholes and tackling?!) etc. Some indication of an optimum training level (high, medium, low). 4. An indication of match fitness on the squad details screen. Nothing annoys me more than having to click through the whole squad to make sure they are match fit after pre-season. 5. An option on the news item detailing a players injury to put in the reserves til match fit (I always forget to do it otherwise), and get rid of the option not to send a player to a specialist. Who in their right mind would choose 'treat by physio' if it would add 2 months to their minimum recovery time? 6. Much more media and player interaction, including more detailed press conferences pre and post match. All top level managers have to do this so the detail could vary depending on your level - ie Prem managers are interviewed by national TV, conference managers are lucky to be asked a question by the club website. Players could criticise/praise each other and generally make more of the 'favoured/disliked staff' information. SI will say this will cause legal issues so would probably have to be restricted to regens? 7. Fan interaction! You can't go more than a match these days without fansites comments. They comment on everything - opinions on which players to buy, if they want you to buy a player or not, they speak out against/in favour of players and other teams. At the moment it seems quite restricted in terms of what they will comment on so more fan interaction would be nice. 8. Groundsmen. Pitch quality is improved by stadium improvements, but a cheaper option for many lower league clubs would be to hire a better groundsman! Pitch preparation is a huge tactical weapon IRL and I think should be present in FM. That could be an option to repair the pitch at half time, to water the pitch again or whatever. Before a game/season you could prepare your pitch to a certain standard as well. That way if I want to rip my pitch up when Chelsea come visiting my League 1 team in the cup, I'll be able to. Likewise if I want to turn my Sunday League style mudbath into a reasonable pitch I'll be able to do so without having to beg the board for a decade to improve the stadium. 9. The ability to revisit 'key' moments in matches. So my winger made 3 'key' passes in a game, I want to know when/where etc. I want to see the 3 mistakes my defender has made to see what can be done to sort it out! 10. Testimonials. Sentimental maybe, unnecessary perhaps, but I think it would be a nice touch to include. Especially if its a player I've brought through the youth system gone on to be a fans favourite. 11. Allow me to offer other clubs £1m over 12 months (for example) without having the money up front. Within reason of course because the board wouldn't allow me to offer 20m over 12 months if I was managing Forest Green. When calculating your budgets for next season a message saying 'the board have also taken into account the continued payments for player x' would justify a lower budget. 12. Tell me what injuries players have during a match. The accuracy would depend on your physio's ability. I'd like a note on their profile with some info - ie how serious, chance of worsening if he stays on etc. 13. More specific training - I like the system but would also like to be able to ask players to focus on certain areas at certain times without having to spend hours messing round with schedules. For example my striker hasn't scored for 10 games so I ask him/my coach to concentrate more on his finishing/composure etc for the next couple of weeks. Could be as simple as right clicking an attribute (say finihsing) and selecting an 'extra training' option and setting a length of time. Bit like sending them on holiday when they get tired. The more hard working the player, the less that would affect his training in other areas. A lazy player would perhaps not train as effectively in other areas. 14. Better reaction following player mentoring - ie not just player x thought his tutoring by player y was beneficial/a waste of time. Perhaps 'player x felt that he has developed his attacking game under the tutorship of player y. Coach z has noted that player x is now much better at taking corners and free kicks, although he is still very weak at heading.' 15. The ability to buy clubs using your wages, set the hot dog prices and make your 12 year old son sell programmes for £2.00 an hour. Only joking, thats enough from me, your thoughts (and SI's thoughts) much appreciated.
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