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  1. Yes i have most leagues active, but it is the minor leagues that aren't incorporated into Fm such as the smaller yugiolavian and the African countries I am having issues with, on previous versions of fm there has always been at least one or two in each year from the most reputable clubs in each nation. Thanks
  2. Is there a way i can test this by manually removing youth players that don't get signed by clubs in countires i don't care about for the save? Or can i increase the database size somehow? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I have been having some issues on some of my saves, the issue is that after a season or two it seems the majority of countries outside the loaded leagues are not producing any youth products at all. For instance I am now in August 2023, and the continent Oceania thas only produced two players since Sep 2019. Africa has produced slightly greater figures, but still <50 since starting the save. Additionally countries such as Bosnia, or Macedionia to take two examples have ceased to produce players after the first season. Is this issue to do with the database being full? or is there a fix. I am used (having played all versions since 2009) to a steady trickle of players, regardless of quality from basically every nation. Many Thanks
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