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  1. Marin will take Passing to 10 = 19pts Determination to 6 = 6 pts For a total of 25. Thanks
  2. There's quite a few points flying in...Marin will take Dribbling to 10 =19pts Strength to 10 = 45 pts Long shots to 10 = 34 pts First touch to 11 = 11pts = 109 (hopefully) Thanks
  3. I meant max out the days when the team is training - like use all three slots?
  4. Hi all, I'm after some help with part time training. I'm not sure exactly what to do and whether I should max out the days that the team is training or not? Nothings really going wrong at the moment justt looking for how to improve
  5. :O Marin will take Acceleration to 10 = 10 pts Agility to 10 = 34 pts Anticipation to 10 = 40pts Composure to 10 = 40 pts Pace to 10 = 19pts Dribbling to 8 = 8 pts Stamina to 10 = 40 pts Vision to 10 = 10 pts Should give exactly 201 points if I haven't made an error anywhere Maths on a Sunday...
  6. Despite being injured Marin will take Pace to 8 leaving 3 pts left
  7. My SM challenge - brief update. I was attempting a youth challenge challenge (if that makes sense) - it didn't go well. First season in serie C I finished 16 and only progressed through the playoffs due to higher position after finishing 1-1 on aggregate. Second season ended in relegation and at this point I deciede to abandon the youth challenge has my youth prospects were dire and I couldn't keep hold of my better players. One season in serie D and I'm back up to Serie C. Mostly bad news but a couple of average dual nationals have decieded on playing for the National Team and some reasonable development of young players- I'll probably look to take it over if I ever get to Serie B.
  8. Marin will take acceleration to 9 Thanks.
  9. Marin First Touch to 10 to use all the points. Thanks
  10. Can I adjust Marin to: Long shots to 6 = 6 pts First touch to 9 = 15 pts Heading to 5 = 20 pts Thanks
  11. I guess it is the nature of the game that sometimes we have to wait for a player to play If the rules allow, can I add Rotherham's Ayrton Thompson to Southy's Superstars?
  12. Hi all, I've been a big fan of the SM challenge for a few years now. I got a bit bored recently and purchased FM20 to see about doing this again. THanks for your instructions at the start on how to start the challenge now that IRL they have moved. Feels like this might be the last year for this challenge for me as it maybe too artifical. Previously I got to the WC semis but didn't manage to win so I'm hoping to get that close again. I'm interested in managing a team in the San Marino league as well. I think improving that league will definately help the chances of completion even if it feels abit 'cheesy'. However, for an extra level of challenge I'm going to try and start the save attempting the 'youth academy' challenge as well with CCSM but I'm not sure this will last if I spent to long in the lower leagues. Both starting managers on lowest experiance and no coaching badges. I'll take on the National Team in due time. Achievements so far @duesouth Managing a San Marino League Club (Juvenes Dogana). Qualify for group 1 With either Group A or B Qualify for the Champions playoff Win group 1 Win the San Marino Super Cup CCSM achievements Win promotion from Serie D (there was no playoffs in my game it was just auto on winning a league) Win the Serie D Girone F Title (It was group D but that counts right?) First season in Seria C and we arn't going to get relegated. Juvenes will move to semi-pro at the end of the season and CCSM will go to professional so that's looking up
  13. Agency Name: Southy's Superstars Player: Marin Simic
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