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  1. I hope I understood you correctly. FM Editor says that the alternative jersey number must be greater than 0 to override the official in-game jerseys. Probably that causes showing only the editor 2d kit in club info. It must be possible. The kits you have in folder are only 2d kits, so they will override only club info kits. The kits you made in the editor will be shown in the dresing room, office and on the pitch. Hope I answered your question
  2. I made 2 db - in the first they were 99 y.o., game changed their age to normal. In the other, they were 50 y.o. They managed to play for 3 years (I also made a db with 700 people to check theory). Also we had an idea of making smth like person_name_changes.lnc to change all original surnames to new. But as I understand, it changes only part of surname and is not connected to original surnames db.
  3. My brother and I are doing a conversation mod and we have troubles with surnames. We know how to add surnames, but we cannot delete basic surnames. We managed to cut down the chance of regen with original surname (by adding 3500 people for big countries, like Algeria). But that solution causes "real-time" simulating for atleast first three years of game - each week is simulated for 40 minutes. That's why we have a question, is it possible to delete basic surnames, or if it isn't, is it possible to make "surname players" retire at first day of the game?
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