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  1. I would love to see dynamic changing weather. For example, you could start a match with cloudy weather while playing a short passing posession style game and as it starts to rain late in the first half you have to switch to a more direct aerial or long passing style because the short passing isn't working on the drenched field of play. Also defending against the likes of C. Ronaldo, Mancini (Roma), Robinho could be a nightmare (more so than the norm) for defenders on a rainy day. Also the option to unleash your wrath on the 4th official or even better the ref himself for a boneheaded call they made on the field even if it means getting booted from the sidelines (Asst Mang. takes over) or fines/suspensions from the FA for going ballistic on the refs.
  2. when you have nightmares of Mourinho laughing in your face (real life) the night after losing in the spanish cup final and the next day's headlines (in-game) reads Mourinho hotly tipped to take over your job.
  3. There is only one major issue I have with FM08 which has me cursing at my monitor evry single game. Please SI I beg you to implement some kind of "Advantage" rule into the game engine. Countless times I have been fouled but still managed to break away from the infraction with nothing left but my player about to go one-on-one with the goalie, or my extremely skillfull winger leaving some wingback who over commited in the dust and is in the process of a clean breakaway when the freakin assonine ref stops the proceedings for a foul when in real life the clear advantage would have been given. Also, if possible please tweak the offside call where players who have nothing to do with the play are being flagged when they aren't even near the ball (in real life isn't a player called for offside only if he touches the ball or interferes with the goalie) I know FM08 isn't Pro Evo/Winning Eleven but these changes would bring so much more realism to an already exceptional game/sim.
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