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  1. Season 4 Preview! Big Manager change! Cheltenham Manager Jimbo Manzini has moved to championship side Watford to do battle with Crewe and Cambridge. See the Manager profiles. Preview of the season: As you can see for Cambridge still the Media unsure on there future even after finishing 6th last season. Newly promoted Crewe are predicted to finish above them. Where as Watford are due an automatic promotion spot.
  2. So We have the final places in the league! So Crewe was Promoted to the championship. Cheltenham got to the playoffs's as well as Cambridge! Unfortunately as you see above Cheltenham just stumbled at the last hurdle!. Also some sad news Cambridge stumbled at the semi final stage! But also some more sad news for Cheltenham. They got to the final of the Leasing.com trophy only to not get through that.
  3. Updates for Season 3 ending coming up! Was a close one!
  4. Cheltenham and Crewe Season 3 Media Prediction and Transfers
  5. More updates Cambridge Season 3 Media Prediction and transfers
  6. Current status of new season! Cambridge in the championship and Crewe and Cheltenham in league 1
  7. As you can see the final league tables for the season! My Cambridge team won the leasing.com and came 2nd. Crewe won League 2 and Cheltenham in 2nd!
  8. Sorry for the lack of updates so far. I have more screenshot's and news to add. This will be up this week sometime! Thanks
  9. @jumbomazzini Indeed! But you guys are better off than me at the moment! Got some big games coming up! Also just noticed in my fixtures Wycombe are my bogey team! Beat me in Carabao Cup first round. I drew againest them in the league at home then lost away!
  10. League Tables so far! Still 1st! But been getting closer! Also in the final of the leasing.com trophy and 5th round of FA Cup! Treble still on!
  11. Well thanks @Nobby_McDonald thats the reaction i was going for! More gameplay tonight hopefully don't lose anyone in the january transfer window!
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