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  1. I use a 4-1-2-1-2 at liverpool with great success. I use coutinho as AP/A Suarez as CF/S and Sturridge as a poacher. Between them they tear defences apart. Bear in mind this works with these guys and I don't know what players you have at your disposal. If the opposition have a good Dm you may have to think again. Might be worth a shot though.
  2. Beating the slump?

    Glad it worked out. 3rd is no mean feat!
  3. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    Never. I've yet to see mine or another keeper injured.
  4. Beating the slump?

    No worries. By the way don't be surprsied if toward the end of the season your morale drops again in the final few weeks. Especially if you end up in the the top two or three. Your performing above expectation and the players may wilt as the pressure rises. Good luck to you though it sounds like your doing well
  5. Beating the slump?

    I aim to pick players with highest morale first even if it means fielding a side that is lower strength. Try to get those with highest determination possible and that are most consistent. Play sensibly on away games ( going defensive will generally end up with you getting a bashing although counter attacking can sometimes help) and push on in home games. If I think I have a good chance of winning I put some of the lowest morale on the bench and bring them on them on in the last 15 for a morale boost. Mostly you just have to fight through it unfortunately. It happens to me just like everyone else. It sounds like your coming to the end of the slump if my own experiences are anything to go by.
  6. Found the option and fined someone a weeks wages who had a 5.8 score and thier determination went up 1. Seems it does have an effect!
  7. I've had two opportunities to fine since then. Trouble is I can't find an option to fine just give them a smack on wrist!
  8. I may have to try at some point and see what happens.
  9. I know that fining for a sending off will lower aggression by a point at a time although lowering it isn't always a good idea. I believe fining for poor play can have effects too but what are they? I've read they can increase work rate but I'll leave it to the experts to clarify!
  10. Luke Shaw

    Just came across this thread. I wonder what andy thinks of sterling now?
  11. champions league registration

    Thats whats baffling. The 17 year olds have always been there . Well its no biggie... minor irritation at best. Thanks for the replies anyway
  12. champions league registration

    I thought that too but I have 16 year old regens that are available. Baffled!
  13. For some reason I have four 17 year olds who show as unregistered when champions league games come around. Wasn't a problem until I qualified early and decided to give them some game time. Any ideas?
  14. player holidays

    spot on! cheers mate
  15. I want to send some players on holiday after world cup but can't find the option. Simple!