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  1. Hi just looking for some help with fm touch. I purchesed at game at roughly time of release from play store and have had no problems what so ever, until now I am constantly getting an error telling me my version of the game has been obtained from an unknown source and if this is an error to contact Sega. It has popped up before but always disappeared after a second or 2 but now its a permanent fixture on start up screen and doesn't let me play at all. Any help here would be great thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the advice this will help alot 👍🏻! I will post the tactic when I get the game fired up again struggling for any time atm! Appreciate your detailed reply, many thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will give this a read when I find a little time, struggling for any atm lol! I hear what you are saying problem is it happened so quick I had no idea who was playing well haha but yeah I do watch on comprehensive highlights and try read a game! Not that great at reading the game on 2d mode but I do try! Hopefully your article will help with that, thanks again
  4. I hear what your saying! I was thinking it was just a bedding in period of the game for inter and knew they would get in to a rhythm at some point so I kinda tried to make my team a little more solid. I use a standard defensive line and higher LOE, standard pressing with forward players asked to press harder and balanced mentality all I done was change balanced to cautious and put be more disciplined then got absolutely whollopped. But yeah looking at it probably should have stuck with what was working for the time being. Good to know for games against opposition as good as inter incase this freak early 2 goal lead happens again lol!!
  5. Hi just looking for a bit of advice. I have just started a new save with Southampton and 1st pre season friendly is against inter Milan, I race into a 2-0 lead in the 1st 20 mins and feel it is way to early to shut up shop but my team is set to play a high press which will mean fatigue kicks in quicker so I leave it as is for the time being at least until half time. Half time rolls around and I am 3-2 down!! Does anyone know or have any idea what to do in situations like this? I would of course drop mentality against similar or weaker opposition and also maybe drop lines try and keep the ball but I didn't see that working against stronger opposition and just inviting pressure! Any advice is welcome. And the game finished 7-2!! Urghhh
  6. So I think maybe stick with a balanced mentality and do your own work from there sounds about the best option in my opinion! Basically a clean slate on balanced I suppose
  7. Yeah but with they team instructions not then nullify the defensive/cautious mentality? As nothing about they instructions are cautious or defensive! Do you get what I'm saying?
  8. I get what you mean mate! I also play touch I enjoy it more as I have a 1yo daughter who can't sleep without me being beside her so it's alot easier to use my tablet than the computer 😂. I have thought about going with a more defensive mentality but set out with more attacking team instructions. But I also often wonder does the team instructions make the mentality useless? Like if I set my mentality to very defensive and set my Ti's to high defensive line high tempo slightly direct urgent pressing will that not then make the mentality attacking as intensity increases? I don't know man I got alot on my mind with this years fm!
  9. To be honest I would say I am somewhere in the middle of all this! I always want to start a very long save and really work at it but like I was saying it doesn't matter what I do I can't seem to get anything working. I am willing to try anything to be fair. I have played FM since 2006 and never had this trouble 😂. In terms of forgetting everything that's hard to do after learning for 15 years now! Although I will say at 32 years old I don't have much room in this brain of mine for new lessons 😂 just at a loss the now got frustrated took it out on the keyboard 😂
  10. Yeah mate just a rant but I am open to assistance give me some time will open a new thread with details. Still not convinced it's not pure luck though 😉😉
  11. Hi people, first time posting, long time reader! I would like to start by saying Football Manager completely takes over my life. Not playing the game but trying to get a tactic to work. So far on Fm21 absolutely nothing I do works and I cannot for the life of me see where I am going wrong. Fm20 was almost similar except for one save with rangers which I won 8 titles in a row and made 2 CL semi finals before geting bored and one with West ham where I won PL in 1st season and fell to **** in the second! It does not matter what I try in 21 nothing works I have spent hours and hours days and days building tactics and even just downloaded tactics! Ones like guardiolas City and klopps Liverpool geggenpress for City and Liverpool respectively but again couldn't buy a goal or a win for live nor money. I do have about 900 attempts on goal every game but seem to lose 1-0 each time. Occasional 3-0 loss to Palace also. So.. My theory is. This game is plain pot luck! Something is deciding if this save I am starting is going to be good or just plain ****! Everything works perfectly or nothing works at all. And this year unfortunately I have a 100% fail rate. I mean how I lost 3-0 to Palace with 29 attempts 14 on target 82% possession 89% pass completion is beyond me especially with a team like Chelsea. Doesn't matter what mentality, what variaty of roles and duties I have in the tactic, what formation I have (usually 4231 or 433), and what team instructions I use I never seem to get anything going and I don't know why this year! Every single year I have always figured out something but not this year! I hope SI can tell me otherwise but until I am convinced I am wrong I will choose to believe there is a system or something that is deciding the fate of a save no matter what tactics you use. Sorry for this rant I am extremely fed up with fm21 and will now patiently wait for fm22. Cheers guys
  12. I thought the opposite, that it was even harder after 3 or 4 league games and being knocked out of the europa league qualifying, but after a few tinkers with the tactics it now does seem very easy went unbeaten since the 2nd game of season only 3 games left. Tbh I really do thi k this game is your Donald duck tactics don't mean much really
  13. Can anyone tell me what the blue and green highlited attributes in players profiles mean? I know they are the desired attributes for the role he plays but what's the blue and green for?
  14. Download rar or winzip or zarchiver to your android device from play store
  15. https://sortitoutsi.net/content/57123/fm2021-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v10-for-fm-touch-to-be-uploaded-when-fmt-is-released this is correct link for name fixes
  16. First you will need to download the tactic and then install an app like rar or winzip to extract the tactic and place extracted files in Documents> sports interactive> football manager touch 2021> tactics. For real names visit https://sortitoutsi.net/content/56768/fm2021-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-beta-for-fm21-beta-not-released-yet all instructions are in here for installation
  17. No info is given on post match analysis. I have uploaded pictures of the last game played (although it has been every game so far) which I won 5-0. Post match anysis has no info on shot map, pass combinations, xG match story or average positions. Only gives info on best performer
  18. I have now noticed that also after a bid is accepted (made the bid personally) and ask DoF to deal with contract negotiations, if the negotiations fail (in this case the player in question joined another club) the same no info player is in the message from DoF. Also same Dinamo Zagreb logo
  19. I had this issue too but noticed it on the last game of the season where I needed celtic to lose and I needed a win and it said 0-0 I was gutted but when it came out if match engine they had lost 3-2 😂 made my day
  20. All you have to do is tap and hold over the players name and the menu comes up. Can easily access his profile from there 👍
  21. No probs thank you. Will this update be able to use with current saves or will I need to start a new save for it to take effect?
  22. Whenever I add a player as a transfer target for the DoF to deal with the transfer it always comes back saying transfer target failure, reason being we are signing someone who is as good in the same position in the near future. I go to transfers and there are no planned incoming transfers. Also in the same news feed message from the DoF it has a players profile no name position attributes or player info and a Dinamo Zagreb badge! I am managing Rangers.
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