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  1. I didn't write that I have a problem with your files, but I have a problem with loading all files in my club. I downloaded files from lower leagues from polish site cmrev.com and I have the same thing. I only want to ask how can I do that I can play in the lower leagues in my club again?
  2. I try nothing. I deleted the game, then I added new leagues to the editor data in this bigpole Polish league, I started a new game in normal mode and there I can choose more leagues I saved and left, and when I choose my club I can't. Did I do something wrong?
  3. No, I downloaded files from the Polish leagues from the Internet, I copied them to the editor data file as they were told in the description, but you can only see them in a normal game, and when I take my club it doesn't show me any leagues except Ekstraklasa and 1 Polska LIga. My first question: How can I remove everything from my computer related to fm20, I deleted it myself but it did nothing?
  4. How can I add files in editor data to play my own club, I mean adding additional leagues to my own club? Description of the problem: I cannot add any additional leagues to the league selection page that I have added in editor data. How can I fix it?
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