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  1. Any help appreciated please. I've seen these two below and been keeping an eye for any deals. I have currently got a Sony Vaio I7 3612 running at 2.1ghz, 8gb Ram, windows 10 and 2gb Radeon graphics. Has lasted me the best part of 7 years and I think its time for an upgrade. I play mostly FM and have just started streaming also, play other games such as Flight sim, Euro truck sim, GTA etc.. I'm also considering a desktop if there is something equivalent or better for the price. https://ao.com/product/3zv36eaabu-hp-laptop-black-59878-251.aspx https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-omen-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1060-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10182279-pdt.html
  2. Im open to suggestions. Normally id stick with Sony as I have done for every laptop I have owned. But now they don't manufacture laptops anymore Im stuck for a new brand that's going to be as reliable.
  3. Wonder if you can help me out. I currently have a Sony Vaio that is 6 years old. Current basic specs are: Intel core I7 3612 QM @ 2.1ghz, AMD Radeon graphics MSeries HD 7500. Windows 10 64 bit, Full HD, BD Drive, 8 GB ram, with a 750GB HDD. If I was to get an equivalent laptop today? what would I be looking at for a best deal and price? If I say my budget is around £750.. that's what I paid 6 years ago for this machine. Just to add, I use this laptop mainly for FM, but I also play Flight Sim occasionally and ETS2.
  4. What dates does this change in game then for the Conference teams to start making transfers as IRL are they not exempt from any transfer windows and can bring players in whenever?
  5. If I've checked "disable first window budgets" in set up, should this really stop conference teams National / North & South all making transfers in the first window? I currently cant sign any free transfers or make any loans?
  6. Has the DB been updated for the full release? Ive had a quick scan but couldn't find anything. Still showing Lopetegui as Madrid manager etc..
  7. Augustin Gomex a 15yr old GK at the start of the game. rated highly by my scouts. As for lone strikers I play either lukaku or Cutrone. Lukaku has 4 goals in 6 starts and Cutrone 8 goals in 9 starts.
  8. Really enjoying my first venture on the BETA with Utd this year. Normally stay away. Started well in the transfer market and brought in a few players and made a few changes. In came Cutrone from Milan, Cordoso from Boavista, Paqueta from Fluminense, Milenkovic from Fiorentina, Vagnoman from Hamburg and A Gomez from Boca Jnrs. Sold Young and Darmian, whilst Fellaini, Valencia and Romero all headed out on loan. Started to develop a 4-2-2-2 formation that wasn't quite working. I eventually went with 3 at the back, 2 wing backs 2 central midfielders, 2 attacking midfielders and a lone striker. Since changing to that I haven't lost a game. Safe to say I have been surprised by some of the players also. I was struggling at right wing back with Dalot injured ane Laird not ready to start in the first team so I dropped Lingard into the position and he's kept that place ever since. Same with Rashford at left wing back after Shaw came off injured. Both on Wing Back attack instructions they hug the touchline making darting runs whipping the ball in for either Cutrone or Lukaku up top. I seem to be able to score freely with my very attacking gegenpress set up.
  9. I don't have a save but I will report it in the bugs forum. cant be having that after 1 league loss the board are already on my back after 4 games in total.
  10. So help me out a little here. I holiday 1 season in game to see how the season plays out and then apply for a number of jobs. I am approached by Bolton who have just been relegated to league 1 and are straight away placed into administration with a 12 point penalty before I even start. I organise a high number of high profile friendly games to garner much needed income and yes we perform badly but enables to club to restructure the debt and come out of admin. 4 games into the season with 4 points from 9 and a win in the capital 1 cup and the board have called me into a meeting saying I haven't met there expectations? before the season started I agreed to a number of philosophies and I am keeping to 99% of them and also the fans are satisfied with my performance. whats going on? do friendly games count towards manager performance? is this a bug or is this realistic?
  11. Does anyone know when you can get the release of the documentary when you pre order through GMG? Will we be able to see the doc before the game is released, on beta release or actual release day? The 25% voucher was brilliant.
  12. So I took over Valencia again after my last save died. I was looking to completely change things at the club again as I did the first time around, out went anything or anyone I considered to not be good enough, staff and players. My aims for the first season are to finish top 4, and try to break up the big 2. My main rivals judging by the first few games other than Barca and Real will be Sociedad and Sevilla. I looked to build a tactic that was hard hitting, fast and lethal, although I changed this after one game in but well get to that later.. First up, Here is my outs and ins for the season. Mathieu Flamini is a cover for My DM position. Joel Campbell picked up a season ending injury in the first pre season game so that loan was cancelled. Felipe Augusto massive potential and hopefully when not injured will keep Parejo out of the team, plus I don't like Parejo moaning at every opportunity. Felipe Anderson is cover for the LW position. Lewis Macleod is a signing for the future. I went a bit crazy with my staff ins and outs, and my Director of football also went a bit crazy sacking my new assistant after 3 days and replacing him with Johan Neeskens, that's the last time I give him hiring/firing privileges. My starting 11 consists of the following with these tactics. And as you can see im not exactly lucky in the injury stakes either! As I said above I was looking to play a hard hitting, fast and lethal tactic, as you can see from the first game against Sevilla, this was the result. I tried to play a high defensive line, fast, direct passing game. Plan a all the the way to plan z couldn't have saved that performance! next up was Malaga, I changed the instructions to a more simple passing, slower build up play and we couldn't have played a whole lot better than I wanted. Great result! 2 games in and hopefully this tactic can develop a whole lot more and I can be a lot more consistent as I was in my first save!
  13. Didn't even realise there was a new official thread. Il be here from now on, and I am restarting my game now too as it has corrupted and after the new patch everything started to go horribly wrong for me. Here goes nothing.. again
  14. So, I ended up finishing top 4 as proposed in the first season, qualified for the champions league. Then I was given the budget for next season! A big fat £0! I am expected to strengthen the squad for the champions league but have no money and no wage budget to do so. Then my director of football sells of my 2 best players from last season, Fede Cartabia goes to Chelsea for £20m and Otamendi goes to Roma for his £12.5m release clause because he wouldn't agree a new contract. This leaves me in the right poop for this next season, il carry on as best I can and see where I end up in January, there are a few high profile jobs up for grabs so I may end up leaving for a more ambitious chairman.
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