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  1. Although it could be possible in real life, especially with this specific player #TheSunRevolvesAroundZlatan
  2. I've promoted to the Championship with Eastleigh, and two months before season ending, I managed to come to terms with Conor Wilkinson, from Bolton (for a transfer fee his contract runs till '23). The transfer is pending, according to the Transfer History tab. I'm also not able to terminate the transfer, so it feels like its stuck. Upon contract negotiations, I chose End of Season as transfer moment, but the player still hasn't transferred. I have already uploaded a save file with ticket 198191,could you look at this please? It's a save from 1 August 2020. On a different note; as I remember from the pc version, there used to be a date shown at a future planned transfer. Maybe a nice feature to add in FMM?
  3. In addition, there are some African nations in the game,that select only three players, although more are available. So the small amount of players seems less relevant?
  4. Four seasons into the game, there are 31 Polish players, according to Player Search. At the moment, April 2020,the national squad has 8 GK selected.
  5. I like to work with yearly budgets, so I've set FMM up that way. This works fine in most of the game, except when stating the season expectations. Then it still shows the wages as weekly total in stead of year total. See attached image for an example.
  6. To snap up free agents, I regularly scroll through the list of transfers during a month. Function; Search / transfers. I think it's a great way to quickly discover bargains. Been using it since CM 00/01 :-) However in FMM 8.2.2, playing on an Axon 7, the view gets overrun. After a certain amount of rows, you can't scroll down any further. I'm sure there are more rows, because I monitor the list multiple times a month. Partial work around is that I use the different sorting methods to get the most out of it. <Additionally,it would come in handy,in all of the views, to be able to double sort. Not just descending, but with another click, also ascending. > I know you can use the Player Search function to view free agents, but then you see all players, not just the fresh lot.
  7. Emerging from the depths of the Vanarama National league, I was able to sign a promising keeper from Everton > Mateusz Hewelt. He has two nationalities, being Irish and Polish. After a few months on goal, he got selected for the national team, which is awesome. What's less awesome, is that the manager of the Polish national team, appears to have a thing for keepers. He almost selects enough of them to form the starting XI. Screenshot is attached. Sad thing is that he doesn't stand a chance, never getting his first cap. Even worse is that I'm have to miss him every now and then in a competition that swamps a team with matches. Playing on a Axon ZTE 7 with version 8.2.2
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