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  1. Olympics is essentially an under 23's tournament is it not, that you know is coming every four years. I realise stocking teams with U23 potential is a huge attraction to FM players, but it means you will have to plan for things like this.
  2. Dug your own hole there like, hardly the games fault.
  3. You're not seeing this option under Dev Centre > Under 18's > Tactics? I'm not sure how much it will actually help tbh.
  4. Does he fit in role wise to the tactic being played in the U18's? If you go to Dev Centre, U18's tactics, you can select if the team plays your first team tactic or the U18's managers preferred, could help. Despite being 17, is he classed as O18 in the squad? Depends on their date of birth not their listed current age. If playing in a U18 comp he will be limited to the amount of these he can play (think it's 2 or 3). Couple of guesses if that helps.
  5. If you're loading the your tactic again from the overview screen, either into a new slot and then clearing the other slot, or to reset changes you might have made, it can reset the set pieces.
  6. Yeah I have to say as a returning player from '17 it was disappointing to find that there's nothing really been added to set piece options since then, I don't recall anything different about it in '14 either, and we could keeping going back... Still has limitations in picking takers, I can't select a list of options and it picks randomly, it's either the first name, or it'll pick from the whole team, making as you say setting up individual instructions for corners etc. more of a hassle than it really needs to be. I do still enjoy putting together a successful corner routine and watching the goals fly in but boy, could this part of the game do with some love and attention at the first opportunity.
  7. No idea mate, never used it. But you can just click Add New Manager in the FM menu at any time.
  8. It will add a second manager to your game, for two player, or three/foure/five etc. or to run both profiles yourself.
  9. I'd have to say, and others have touched on it more, but keeping a general level of fitness high is worth putting time into. Make sure your senior players who aren't getting much game time are playing for the U23's, so when they do need to come in they're not coming in at 50% sharpness. Have the best fitness coaches x2 and medical staff you can get or afford, you should always be aiming for best in division in all areas but those especially. I remember moving from a team I had managed for a long time to Newcastle in February, and I was shocked to find players their were jaded and in need of a rest, in February! I'd never had this ever at any stage of the season before, and it was 5/6 first team players at a time. Emphasis on your fitness coaching staff and medical team really makes a big difference. As does resting for short, 2 day periods. A game 3 days after this one? I tend to rest anyone 70% or under condition so that they're 90% again come game day. It makes the world of difference in keeping your first team on the field for runs of tightly packed games. Sometimes you will just get shafted, multiple hard injuries at once, it can happen, as it can in real life. But I think if you pay attention to your fitness and medical teams you can mitigate this 99% of the time.
  10. People saying it's too complicated now would have loved the sliders back in the day Is it 1 notch too far to the left or 1 notch too far to the right
  11. Have you filtered players willing to join you? Interested, doubtful etc.
  12. Does your scouting package cover where he plays?
  13. Really depends what you want, as the titles suggest, the full game is far more in depth with more options, more leagues, more detail to everything that's going on around you. Touch is for on the go, mobile play, have never used it so couldn't tell you its quality but it has a good amount of players using it.
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