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  1. The game on the public beta switches off as soon as you click "play" on the steam, without the public beta, the game turns on the "football manager 2020" screen and suddenly switches off. How can I fix it? I have windows 10 64 bits, antivirus off. I was reinstalling the game
  2. Hi, the ingame editor I bought through steam doesn't work after the update. I've already tried betting, through steam settings (the game in question), tried to turn off and on the editor, reinstalled the game, started 3 new careers. Before the update came out, everything worked. I've never had such a problem before. Even now, when I use a large data change that forces the editor to be used, it doesn't show up in the top right corner, even though it's supposedly on.
  3. Over 80 minutes 11 out 10, 36 shoots, 16 on the target, and what?? Sh...t One shoot, one shoot on the target. Goalkeeper made long kick to the striker, he made shoot outside the box. How can you explain this. imgur screen because i cant upload here
  4. shots on target are not passed goals, but some cases fall in, especially after total domination in the match. Some situations are so clear, that goals should be scored, but the game thinks there will be miss, not a goal. For example here's screen from game that i was played while ago. 60% possession of the ball, 24 shoots, 12 on the target, but no, it gonna be draw, because i do not diserve to win bull...it The game gives me a joy, but I'm sick of this engine. I won't pay for "fifa" anymore.
  5. Hi, I put some screenshots from the game, all except one from another club, they are from one season. If this game is to look like that, where it dominates, or you can't call it another, the whole match, then fm 2020 was my last purchased part. Of course there are matches in real football, like those in FM, but this is a GAME not real life. if the engine in 2021 will work the same as every year, then I will definitely not get the game from a legal source. I will not pay for a reheated chop, as every year people do it at Fifa. I won the season with this Sunderland, after a hard battle of draw
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