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  1. Hi all, I don't know if you can consider what I have experienced to be a similar issue, but here goes: I have signed a number of coaches based on their country knowledge. For example, in winter transfer window of second season, I signed Steven Old as coach, as he had full knowledge of Australia, New Zealand, England and possibly Scotland or Wales. At the end of the season however, so within 6 months, he lost all knowledge of Australia. I know that scouts can lose and gain knowledge as time goes by and they roam from country to country, but my scouting knowledge has dropped from 65% to 60% overnight because some of my coaches have lost the knowledge they had. Another example is Txiki Begiristain, who starts will full knowledge of Japan, Spain and England (in my save at least), but lost all Japan knowledge after the first season. My question: is this normal behaviour for coaches as well? I like having high knowledge and this means me having to fire coaches that I signed specifically for their knowledge (whether they are good coaches or not is not the point, haha). Second question, I got a couple of affiliate clubs which surprisingly (a good surprise) got me knowledge of random countries. Genk for example gave me knowledge of Belgium but also some African countries. Colo Colo got me knowledge of Chile, but also Venezuela and Honduras? They don't have any affiliated clubs in these countries. Is there a logic to this knowledge gained, or maybe a way to know beforehand? Thanks a lot and really enjoying the game
  2. Same with Real Madrid! Just finished second season, won everything, millions in the budget, but board will not budge on under-19 coach salaries. I can offer max €3.6k and only by offering incentives do some coaches accept. Most refuse my offers
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