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  1. Core question, then some details below. Does a player need to continue to reside in a country while "Awaiting Paperwork" in order to get the new passport? Specifically, I am managing Vaduz and Liechtenstein, and trying to convert players to play for the country. I have a group of player who will hit the passport date on 2024/06/28, the FIFA eligibility date on 2024/06/29, and currently have contract expiring on 2024/06/30 (just over 1 year from now). I intend to let the contracts expire, unless I need to extend to guarantee the passport. Any insight greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. I've put a B Team for Liverpool to the top league in Wales, but they are excluded from qualifying for Continental Cups (because they're a B Team). I think this is hard-coded in, but wanted to ask if there's an editable workaround?
  3. I have figured this out. Had to re-arrange the order of the team pool and qualified teams so that "ignore team" rule for Liverpool U23's is top of the list of rules. The 2nd U23 team no longer appears.
  4. I'm creating a custom database to add Liverpool U23's to Welsh League. I created a new team "Liverpool U23" registered as Liverpool B Team w/ age limit and placed in JD North Division. So this team plays in Welsh league structure and cup. Also assigned to play in U23 International Cup by editing the team pools. We also have a reserve squad assigned to play in the English U23 Premier division that they play in regularly. Functionally, the same squad will cover both sets of games. All of this works great, the one issue I have is I cannot get the new team attached to the Leasing.com cu
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