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  1. Although I believe it works, this particular role limits the forward too much; dictating the player to hold up the ball, tackle harder and move into channels (I might be wrong with the latter). All I want from my forward or AMLRCs are to cover spaces and show their presence during the build-up play. Almost all the time, my forwards and attackers just watch the game even players with the ball are too near to them, and my DMC-MCs lose their positions to get closer to the players with the ball. I usually play with Standard or Control mentality, and apply normal defensive line with lower line of engagement. I understand that players with extreme work-rate numbers with defensive roles could track back in some cases, but forwards just waiting between centre-backs while the game is played in another area and not covering any space to help the team-shape, this is not we see in real life football. For example, let's take a striker like Haaland with average work-rate attribute. He contributed to the defensive team-shape today and covered spaces and followed the ball during build-up play against Bayern today. One might say, he probably had a DF role with a Counter or Standart team mentality But I think demanding your forward players to get behind the ball or apply pressure is the very main principle of modern football, no matter his role or tactical discipline/work rate (unless they are too low).
  2. Hey everyone :) I think this "problem" is worth noting and still continues in current FMs. No matter what system you play, in real life forwards DO track back and take a defensive position (unless you are not playing with Zlatan or low work-rate player up front), especially during build-up plays. You don't have to be Simeone or playing Atletico to demand this from your forwards and even your strikers. Now the thing is, there used to be a "Men Behind Ball" TI back 19-20 years ago in this game. If this instruction has existed and if demanding to get behind the ball from your players could be a main principle in football, considering the game has became much more fluid now, why SI does not consider to bring this instruction back, or at least add a "track back" PI to the game? This can create both upsides for managers who want to create more compact system and downsides for whose forwards have low stamina and positioning attributes. I also want to note that I am quite shocked by the impolite responses that people who want to offer some solutions or address some issues have faced in this topic and felt sad, I think all issues can be discussed without being rude and everyone should avoid offending someone regarding a game. Since this is my first message to the forum, I just wanted to share my particular concern. Kind regards
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