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  1. Be careful with that. I wasn't able to open the game after disabling Intel HD graphics card.
  2. It's FLUT skin dark: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/44619/fm-2019-flut-skin-dark
  3. Matias Vargas is the best bargain I've seen in FM for years. I got him for 2,5 milion € and after my first season with Valencia his stats and value looks like this (I had to offer him new contract because his value was much bigger than agreed release clause). I can only add that his was chosen La Liga Player of the Year (his Av Rat was better than Messi's!). PS. I started game after winter update.
  4. Thank You very much. I thought he will look better...
  5. Can anyone post a screenshot of Italian prospect Nicolo Barella?
  6. It seems that there are only two options: zoom out (0,75) and zoom in (1,25). I hope that 1,25 is enough to play the game (at last!) on my Full HD laptop. This is very good news, but we will have to wait for beta to see ourselves if the zoom works fine.
  7. What a shame that the game is still unplayable on laptop with 1920x1080 resolution (mainly because of the font size). How many more years should we wait for HD skin?
  8. It looks very promising I hope that somebody will manage to do real HD skin for FM 2012.
  9. I totally agree. My eyes hurt when playing on my laptop (1920x1080). I already lost hope that SI would do something to resolve that font problem.
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