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  1. Thanks for your feedback mate ! Put the WB back if you struggle for defending.
  2. BONUS ! With Liverpool, they win THE EPL,UCL and FA CUP, Fabinho the DLP was the highest average rating for the season. Always at the top for chances created.
  3. MID SEASON WITH CHELMSFORD (VANARAMA NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH) - No Transfer Not really easy because almost all the players didn't fit for the tactics. At least they are 2nd in the table at the mid season. Always first at chances created, and DLP still highest rating.
  4. MID SEASON WITH AT. BILBAO We are in the top 5, little bit harsh but they did it. Always at the top in chances created. And DLP has still the highest rating. 6-0 Against Barcelona !!! Last testing one will be in England D6. N-B: If you want me to test a team with this tactic let met know.
  5. STATS AND RESULTS WITH FRANKFURT !! We finished first at the mid season. No right winger, i put Bas Dost… Still in the top in chances created in Bundesliga and even with EURO CUP. The DLP role is still a beast (it's the masterpiece) in this tactic. Interesting win with Bayern and Dortmund. Most of the time if I lose because of FM'D, the gk's opponent is doing is match of his life in this situation. Next Step with LA LIGA.
  6. STATS AND RESULTS WITH MONTPELLIER Despite the players they have in term of stats and Don't have any AMC to fit in the tactic, they are in the top 5 for the mid season. Always number one with chances created. THE DLP role is a beast. Next way to the Bundesliga.
  7. STATS AND RESULTS WITH WOLVES. I lose at the beginning, need 5-6 matches to learn the tactic and the wheels are in motion ! Next step i will take a french club then a germany club. What about the tactics? A Sweeper Keeper (A ) : attacking because he will face the counter attack with the 2 CB, then distribute a short passing with them. - 2 BPD : like libero's duties. - 2 Wing back support : Not really important in this tactic but they will make the tactic very wide for exploiting all the space in the field. - a DLP : THE MOST IMPORTANT, he is the creati
  8. Hi everyone,This is a strikerless tactic (2-3-5), very offensive, what about cons? sometimes you get fm'd even if you had more than 5 CC's and 30 shots in the game and , i used it with As Romatwice and it seems worked very well for me. I need testers and need feedback about it. By the way i was inspired by TFF Cerber and a St gallen tactic who uses strikerless tactic in the game who was very efficient. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I will use this tactic with some teams and i will upload the results here. STRIKERLESS KEV.fmf
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