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  1. Is there a specific attribute I could train in a player to increase his work ethic? Or do I just have to mentor them
  2. Any hope for a face pack for autogenerated players in the future ?
  3. This one is dedicated and has a few members To mobile football games
  4. We should be able to choose who starts and who is benched, and the formation of the reserve teams at the least it can be frustrating to see the ai use players out of position when there is a much better solution achieved by some rearranging
  5. Every time a goal is scored, I would like to see who assisted right under who scored, every time a goal is scored I have to really focus on the small ball just to see who did it. It is nothing big but it would be very helpful
  6. I’ve been playing this game throughout 2020, and one problem I have is that i can barely get offers for players on the loan list outside England. Should I put these players in my first or second team? Or is there something wrong with me offering my loans? Or my club reputation is always too low to get any offers? Any help is appreciated.
  7. I love this game but it is very annoying when multiple teams bid on a player, I set an asking price which is higher, and then the next time they if it’s like they never saw it. I wish there was a screen where I could set the asking price so teams wouldn’t bid and waste my time
  8. In FMM, a nuisance that happens often is that my loaned out players end up not playing any game to the team I loaned them out to. I think while negotiating a loan deal, the other team will tell you how much playing time the player will get (Key Player, First Team, Etc.) I think this would help in making sure players develop the best they can.
  9. In FMM, I’m about four seasons into a save on Greuther Furth, and I was always a bit miffed there was no reserve matches for my team in the Bundesliga 2, I thought my reserves would play when I got promoted to the bundesliga, and when it happened, nothing changed. I’ve checked the reserve leagues for German clubs and I’ve seen that some reserve teams are in the regional division and don’t play (which is my case) and some teams reserves play in a reserve group (reserve group 1,2) etc.. is there a way for my reserve team to play any matches?
  10. Quick introduction: I had a save with Ipswich town, and every time my reserves played, I got a match report. Afterwards, I had a save with Colchester, and I noticed that while my reserves where playing, I did not receive any match reports. I don’t think I changed any settings, so does anyone know what the problem could be?
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