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  1. I just had an idea for a Challenge/long term save. The Quinta del Buitre challenge. The task is to replicate Real Madrid's domestic achievements during the 80's. Especifically you must win 5 consecutive league titles under the following conditions: 1- You must use a 442. 2- At least five first team players must come from your academy 3- You can have no more than 3 foreign players in the squad at any given point in time (Foreign youth players gaining citizenship are not allowed).
  2. Romario - a key part in Cruyff's Total Football "Dream Team" at Barcelona Because even within a Total Football tactic, there can always be a benefit in having an opportunistic poacher. Just look how Johann Cruyff managed to fit Romario, one of the greatest strikers of all time, into his 3-4-3. Some might even argue that Cruyff moved away from his favourite 4-3-3 formation to an innovative for its time 3-4-3 at Barca, in order to accommodate pure strikers like Romario. Mr.Total Football himself called Romario "genius of the goal area" and the probably the best player he ev
  3. A second Idea for Rivellino has crossed my mind. A hardworking player playing as a trequartista in the AMCL position and told to stay wider.
  4. I would say that replicating Rivellino will be the most difficult. He played on the wing when they attacked but tucked deeper and narrower when it was time to defend. If I were to try to replicate his behaviour I would try something like a Mezzalla on Attack (+hugs touchline trait?) as a part of a three man flat midfield. If that doesn't work I guess the second best thing is to forget about his defensive behaviour and go for an Inverted Winger on support. Next thing will be deciding where and how did Pele play. Was he a shadow striker? A complete forward? A false 9? a trequartista?(if so
  5. Do you mean the flat 4141 with wingers on the mr/ml strata or the "standard" 4141 formation? Both seem like a nice challenge.
  6. I have decided against it because I only have two players who stay on central midfield when we don't have the ball so I am a little scared about telling my players to press or mark any particular opponent in view of what might happen with our shape. I guess that having such a strong presence upfront could help us when pressing teams that play from the back but I think that going for particular pressing schemes against midfielders is a big no with the 3313.
  7. Marcelo Bielsa's 3313 arrives at Milan. When I started this save I did not have any particular manager in mind when ccreating my tactics and went for a 4312 because of the squad at Milan and the type of football I wanted to play. This second year, during pre-season I figured out that Marcelo Bielsa was the great prophet of the kind of football I want to develop at Milan. Having followed spanish football for a long time I knew about "El loco" and his views on how football should be played but funnily enough I only took him as inspiration after my first attempts at moving away from the 431
  8. I am having a bit of a writer's block at the moment, I have tried to write about my new tactic at least three times but I am dissatisfied with the end results (of the writing, the tactic is working great). I will try to give this save a little rest before I try to write again. Hopefully I will be able to present the new tactic before the week ends.
  9. Two important signings and an impending goodbye No sooner had the Serie A finished that I started searching for a new centreback. As I said before the board had denied me the young and talented Filip Benkovic. I was given 42M pounds to work with this season so I decided to aim for the best U23 CB that sum of money could buy us. It turned out that those players good enough were either too old to meet the club vision of signing players no older than 23 or too costly for us to afford. I even tried to take make a second move for Benkovic despite the first fiasco. Leicester were now demanding
  10. A good enough start. My first season in charge of AC Milan saw the team finish 5th. We were never at risk of missing european qualification and we even entered the final part of the season in Champions League Qualification spots but a string of bad results against bottom teams saw us miss the top tier of european football by 2 points. I was quite frustrated with this when I finished the season because I could easily point at the key defensive mistakes and missed chances that could have given those two points along with the money and reputation that came with Champions League football.
  11. The First AC Milan Tactic, a balanced 4312. When I thought about the tactic for this season I wanted to find a formation that would allow for fluid play on the ball and effective pressing on the opponent's half. Additionally I wanted a formation that would allow my players to thrive and in which I could fit all my players throughout the season. My first insticnt is to select a 4231 or a 4123 but I was unhappy about the nature of my central strikers and left wingers. In a variation of the 451 where I am compressing space by having a high block I want to have a well rounded linking striker
  12. Prologue Welcome to this thread. In this thread I will document my attempt at rebuilding AC Milan by developing players and tactics with an emphasis on Dynamism and Pressing. This is the most ambitious save I have ever attempted and I envision it as a learning experience for myself that I am sharing with the community. I started playing with FM16 but I only ever started taking tactics and training seriously since the FM19 overhaul. I will try to explain my thoughts and ideas as clearly and objectively as possible and I hope you will enjoy the journey. I have chosen AC Milan for sever
  13. Hi, I received this gem of a striker in my first youth intake with Arsenal. Last year he managed to score 15 goals in 33 league apearances. I am not going to mention the tactic because I am not interested in playing with it anymore. I have more than 270M to spend a 36M/year left of my wage budget and have enough reputation to lure almost anyone. Additionally I have this players at my disposal: How would you turn Beechey into a goal machine? Bear in mind I am still playing FM19 so no IW in the AM strata for me. Thanks in advance.
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