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  1. Yes, playing the full game, via Steam. Game version is 21.4.0-1540115. I guess the interesting question would be how the game engine differentiates between contract discussions (sounds like that might be for new contracts), and renewals. Except that I have had quite a few players after a promotion to a higher division start making noises about wanting new contracts, and that is on me to resolve.
  2. I have taken responsibility for all contract discussions for the First team, B team, Under 23s, and Under 18s, as shown in the attached screenshot, Torquay United Contract Discussion. But every now and then, I will get a notification from the Director of Football that a player from my Under 18s has accepted an updated contract, as shown in the screenshot Benjamin Garwood Contract Announcement. There are no earlier messages indicating that the players in question are unhappy with their contract, or that the DoF is starting a contract negotiation. In most cases, the players in question were
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