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  1. @Cadoni But how can some of my playerrs keep on declining and remaining happy with their individual training focus??
  2. @RDF Tactics @Rober82 @Cadoni I've question regarding your training tactics. Is it necessary for the fitness coaches to have model citizen too? I don't have that yet that much great coaches yet and some are improving greatly but a lot of them are declining so rapidly and being so unhappy.. it's quite worrisome.. Hope y'all can help me out?
  3. @knap True, however TA played also with RB Leipzig and he did win everything, however he received unfortunately a high amount of goals against and not so much for.. Where you scored a lot and got not that much against.. I would like to win everything too, however to also play a dominant high goal scoring season.. So I'm in a bit of a pickle right here, could you help me out? haha
  4. @knap You recommend this tactic for RB Leipzig over the Fire & Water Vol 2 24321 you recommended me yesterday??
  5. @TA I'm also RB Leipzig. You recommend this tactic? Since you got quite a lot of goals against and not so many goals for??
  6. Thank you!! I'll test it asap! @knap Two last questions! Do you use the MM-guide for this tactic and should I change the mentality when I play bigger teams such as in the CL or Bayern??
  7. @knap Thanks in advance, but which one would you recommend me the most? Cheers!
  8. @knap Thank you! Do you then recommend the sympathy tactic? And which of those high scoring tactics in the overall section would you recommend with RB Leipzig and 4-2-3-1 in mind??
  9. @knap Thank you for your awesome tactics. Currently I'm playing as RB Leipzig and using your 4-3-2- tactic with a defensive midfielder. I had some mixed results, however winning most of them. Yet with the cost of very very low possession. Can you recommend me a tactic which scores lots and lots of goals? Would it be a 4-2-3-1 tactic or the 433 Kashmir Celtic tactic? Thanks in advance!!
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