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  1. Hi Oliperez It's a double NO: 1st, nobody sorted the issue; 2nd, I wasn't able to get things running. It's clear to me that this is "unsolvable", otherwise I would have had a proper reply already. I'm a long time computer user (plus, I've played FM before it was even called FM and I have played other versions on MAC) and this is clearly and issue with the compatibility between the Mac OS, Steam and FM20 all together. I originally got the game running again by removing all the 3rd party content (skins, graphics, editor data, etc.), but honestly are you able to run the game withou
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Marek, but I had already removed everything from both CACHES and PREFERENCES folder in the past. I did it again though and still can't run the game. I've never seen this happening with any other application in using MAC for so long now... Fyi - on my windows basic performance surface the game works no matter what content I have, no matter what skin I use, etc.! I can't play on a bad computer when I have such a good performance Mac standing here!
  3. Hi Firstly, I have nothing but the original installation files plus the updates done on both Steam and FM20 (after a full uninstall and install according to the instructions I was provided in the past). I have attached files that proof that: editor data empty, skins folder empty and no graphics folder even on the FM20 folder on my Mac. I've tried windowed mode, both with "-windowed" and "-windowed -w 1024" and the same issue happens. Lastly, my Mac runs a number of processes in the background, but they're system processes: I've got no AV running for example and when starting Ste
  4. Hi Jimmy I confess I was really anxious cause this is the first time I see such a different answer (after many interactions on the web and so many forums visited) - but I'm affraid I can't even see the load screen still... the same issue happens. I've attached the crash screen plus the proof of disabling automatic graphics switching done. Cheers, Vasco
  5. Any vague possibility of an answer???? Any clues whatsoever?
  6. I have even rolled back to Mojave, doing a complete clean up of my disk, installing Mojave through a pen and on a complete new OS guess what? The same issue.
  7. Hi Kyle Thanks a lot for your help. This issue is really strange and I've tried everything I could find in the web related to similar reports, including the described steps in the thread you pointed out. Even so, I did try those again just in case something was missed. It's even stranger the way the game crashes now - almost immediately aft3er the beginning of the loading process... - but I'll describe below everything I did: 1. Delete Preferences and Caches Both folders deleted as per the description - Please see file "Preferences and Caches.pdf" 2. Verify Integrity of Gam
  8. Since some time ago i'm not able to open FM20 on my MacBook Pro, with a crash happening when the loading screen comes up. I've tried everything I could remember, including a number of clues from this forum, but nothing seems to work. I am now running a brand new installation of FM20 and the game keeps crashing: zero 3rd party or additional data, only the original game files: no graphics, no editor data files, nothing. On my windows laptop, I run Fm20 normally with all the content I want in terms of data and graphics. I inclusively downgraded my MacBook Pro from Catalina OS to M
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