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  1. Been trying to get the team I want for ages. I checked the team to find that it seems SI have left the team in the same league they were about 7 years ago. They've had 3 promotions since then. Reported it to the database issues forum but extremely disappointed. Nevermind as soon as I posted they fixed it. Thanks SI.
  2. From testing it should be ok to just have Scotland as view only. I'm now holidaying in a game with all players based in uk countries loaded and top teams players from all continents coming up to 99780 players. Will take a while to grab the club I want but when I do the challenge will be afoot.
  3. I'm going to give this one a shot. Off to Merthyr. Me Club Facilities
  4. @vikeologist Honestly I don't know as I didn't try League 1. I was going to wait but Clyde approached me so thought I'd give it a go as I used to play scotland leagues in CM 01/02 and FM08. @TheEarl I took the screenshot when I accepted the offer. My progress will be slow as I'm very busy but I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Giving this a shot along with two other challenges. I'm going to start at Clyde and see how I do.
  6. Quick question. I know that Welsh, Northern Irish and Irish teams are in the Scottish Challenge Cup. If we choose one of those countries should we also load Scotland leagues?
  7. Actually claassen. SI said there is no limit and two other pack creators run 109 and 119 leagues.
  8. First XI: 1749 apps (+131) Subs: 599 apps (+90) Total: 2348 app (+221) Kane left during the season. Right now only 4 of the first eleven are still at the club so things will change a lot over the next couple of seasons.
  9. First XI: 1618 apps Subs: 509 apps Total: 2127 app Lost Hardy to retirement, with Madders, Howarth, Rook, Farren and Sinclair all leaving as well. Got some good new players though.
  10. First XI: 1459 apps Subs: 396 apps Total: 1855 apps Lost Dave Green and Ross Ainsley along with the retiring Shannon Moorton.
  11. I'm still playing FM 2012, and working on an old save at the moment. First XI: 1256 apps Subs: 347 apps Total: 1603 apps Moorton's in his last season with the team. Towler left half way through my first season which was annoying.
  12. A team last year played something like 10 games in 14 days. Can't remember the name but it was English.
  13. Um JPR. If you haven't noticed Louis de Crevecoeur didn't play as well.
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