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  1. This is a problem in the game. I was done by 3 in one game, all second half, ended up losing 3-2. I manage to get one long shot every 4-5 games, I get beat by them every game... regardless of how many players close them down, how many are between him and the ball etc
  2. Hello, I need some serious help here. My game over the last 3 weeks or so has been crashing regularly. I honestly have no idea why now. Initially I thought it was a game coding error (crash dumps) so I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled. This has been done 5 times, steam has also been uninstalled/reinstalled. No change. Then a crash happened where it said graphics drivers. So I uninstalled and updated both GPUs (running surface book 1 so uses integrated and nvidia). Still no fix. I have tried running with just integrated and using the nvidia app to use high powered GPU, still no fix. Tried all virus checkers, fixing registry, disk clean up. Nothing has worked and I am now ready to removed the game completely. I cant put up with it anymore. Any ideas?
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