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  1. Is there any way of asking your affiliate clubs what players they would let join your club on loan? Im sure you could do this on fm17
  2. How do you choose what formation your going to use? And how do you make it work? I seem to never master a formation. I will start with 4231. Buy players for it but never get results. Then everyone gets unhappy and then i start swapping formations all the time.
  3. Im at boston united. Bin here 8 seasons.am in the championship now. Oh right. Didnt realise it was like that. Cheers for that.
  4. My players are between 24-28. I had one player. Had 3.5 stars. Played every game. Am now in feb and he is down to 3 stars
  5. I never understand how to to training. So i leave it to my ass man. But i notice my players seem to lose stars rather quickly. Anyone got any tips or know how to do training. Thanks in advance
  6. I thought an outfield player had to play 10 games but goalkeepers only needed 5 games
  7. Yeah i have learned not to change tactics. And also not to just sign anyone. But to scout players atleast 60%
  8. I thought i was the only one who had this problem but started as boston united and struggling with them in the championship.
  9. I started out as boston and just managed to get them in the championship. I have had the same as you. Every new contract i have bin offered only was 1 or 2 years long.
  10. i got a ceremony when i won the league with boston united, but then when ever i either won a cup or won promotion after that i didn`t get another ceremony
  11. Im into my 2nd season and have had this happen to me both seasons. I can be on a good run then like a light switch my players seem to be upset, cant play, cant win and then ass man suggests i switch formation. I just dont get how everything changes considsering i am sat in top 6 and achiement is only mid table
  12. I just sorted it tar. It was to do with my laptop settings. All good now. Cheers for the reply anyway
  13. On my laptop the text is massive, but when i try to change the size it wont let me. Any ideas anyone?
  14. is it just me or how come the new update aint sorted the new transfers? i.e Charlie Austin is still at QPR and not gone to Southampton? it says I'm on the 16.2 so I'm assuming its updated. anyone able to help please.
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