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  1. Well I’ll check this out. I’ll stick a few quid your way if you can get my northern league cup sorted 👊 ps when are you anticipating level 14 release ... even if just a guesstimate ?
  2. Nice one. Cheers dan 👍 BTW do I need PayPal myself to donate or do I just need Credit Card ?
  3. Just checking with Dan because there might be a technical reason that makes a league cup too difficult to install into his database.
  4. Hey @Dan BHTFC awesome work. Yours is the only database I have trialled where promoted and relegated teams land in sensible divisions. Quick 2 questions, Northern League Div 1 (level 9) and Div 2 (level 10) don't have league cups … is this right ? Also, when you say you're submitting level 14 soon … will that be WIP or complete ? Yours hopefully Brian.
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