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  1. If the opposition was using a DMC, then I could move the STCL to AMC and set tight marking to put pressure on the DMC. How are you getting on with the new tactic generally?
  2. Hi Marcelo. I've really enjoyed using your recent tactics with a lot of success. Looking to try something new now so will give your new one a try. Now that the STCL is the more creative of the two strikers, would it work if you move the STCL to the AMC position as a link between the midfield and the attack. Thanks.
  3. Great reply, thanks. So I guess I'll keep in him in the U18s until he is good enough or needed in the first team squad, which will hopefully be when he is about 18 anyway! Just a quick question about individual training focus, I never mess about with the intensity of this, just leave it at the default. Should I make it more intense or does mean that his normal training is devalued? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, In a top team do u18 players develop better if they are strictly played in the u18 team (and play for reserves when needed), or is it better to move them into the reserves asap, even if they are only 16. Which would you say is best for their long-term development? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm just starting to try your original tactic, look forward to trying any newer version once it arrives
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