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  1. This is too true!

  2. I have never done this before FM16 so can't comment previously, but I find that on certain players it has a positive effect. For others it could be detrimental. All depends on their personalities. I wouldn't over use it, but it can be a good "pick me up", especially when results start to dip!
  3. Soccer Team Parma

    I did this too! Although my first season I finished 6th and this season I am struggling to get to 2nd (24 games in)! I desperately want to get them in to Serie A, but I'm evidently not very good
  4. There was a large Earthquake in Eastern Turkey on Sunday. It killed and injured thousands of people. The Van region destoyed! Wait a minute... did somebody say you have to download Steam to play Football manager!? THE SWINES!!!! What is happening to this world!!
  5. I have to say that I was initially annoyed and put off by having to download steam. After the FM2009 fiasco I was not looking forward to it. After being let down by amazon for my pre order, I decided that as I had to download steam I'd just download it straight from them too. And honestly, I was impressed. Everything worked, was easy to function and understand and my laptop is running FM2012 how I'd expect it too! I do believe that the steam thing has been blown way out of proportion. There are those that have had issues though, and I can't speak for them. But I will say that SI seem to have been well on the case in trying to help out as many people as possible to resolve their individual issues. And that's the point for me. There is nothing wrong with steam. It's free, it works and it's easy to use. Any issues people are having with steam are seemingly caused by conflicting programmes and software from the users machine. SI and steam can't forsee everyone's system settings and software. I remember plenty of times in the past when I bought a new champ man and it wouldn't work with my pc due to my machine not being good enough. Is this really much different?!
  6. Adding funds to steam

    There's definitely a problem. I tried for half hour. 2 cards and paypal but it eventually worked. It took ages to accept (you know, the "working.." message on the tab once you click it. But it did eventually work. Sign of things to cocme though...?! :-/
  7. Yeah I would have thought so. It's a little annoying as I was hoping to be reading through the instruction book for the few hours up to activation but I'll just pre-install it this evening instead! Disappointed in Amazon, especially as I signed up for the Prime service to guarantee the earliest dispatch possible! *Sobbs..
  8. I ordred from Amazon a month ago. I got "prime" delivery and at 7:30 THIS MORNING my order status was "dispatching soon". This means that I wouldn't receive the game until between 9am-12pm Friday when my post arrives! So I cancelled it... going to order straight from Steam. I don't care about the price. I want to be able to play it at the official release time of 00:01! I'm one of the sad ones that has booked a day off work especially...
  9. 48 hrs later...

    A little more thought into the matter and it doesn't take a genius to know, that no matter what you do as a company, you won't stop piracy. The whole point of this method of activation isn't for detering the pirtates, but to encourage more sales of the genuine game, thus not sharing/selling on the game, thus making more money. I am absolutley fine with that. It's no extra inconvieniece for me as I only ever play it on one PC. However, this is just another example of where the honest are made to suffer and an example to how crime can pay, seeing as people that have purchased/aquired an illegal copy of the game are playing it, and those, like myself, that have a legal copy of the game are still unable to play it 2 days after purchase.
  10. Still an issue with UK phone activation? Tried twice just now and still getting cut off after the 3rd activation key input (message being that my product key code is invalid). I've used the key software to determine the code from 0's and o's etc. Any news/ideas? Thanks
  11. I am still unable to authenticate by phone. Thought I'd try this morning before work and I get to 3rd input of 16 digit code entry, then get a message saying my product key code is invalid. It's the correct code from my manual and I've pasted it after using the key determination tool thing. Is this a known problem? Anyone been able to activate via phone yet?
  12. Phone Activation

    I have tried that!!! I was up at 6am this morning (and tried from 11pm last night). No joy. Seem's that demand is irrelavant. The system just doesn't seem stable enough. I am of the understanding that these activation systems have been "stress tested" prior to release. The issue is "beyond the control" of SI and they are doing their best to sort it out with the activation company. An update on the matter (ie- why's and how's) is going to be issued by Miles at somepoint over the weekend. We hear alot about online activation and steam etc, but haven't heard anything about the phone activation service- ie, should it be working, is their a known problem. Was just wondering if there's an update I've missed or one coming!?