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  1. Brilliant
  2. I have never done this before FM16 so can't comment previously, but I find that on certain players it has a positive effect. For others it could be detrimental. All depends on their personalities. I wouldn't over use it, but it can be a good "pick me up", especially when results start to dip!
  3. Hi, I have just had this exact same problem. I went to make a substitution, maybe took a little too long thinking about it and not realising that the clock was still ticking. The full time whistle went, still gave me the option to sub a player etc which I then cancelled, which then took me back to the screen with "Leave Match" at the top right corner, however when I click it, it just doesnt respond at all!! I can click "home" and navigate all around the game, I just can't leave the match!
  4. I did this too! Although my first season I finished 6th and this season I am struggling to get to 2nd (24 games in)! I desperately want to get them in to Serie A, but I'm evidently not very good