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  1. Does this count? ..because it should.. Portugal! Portugal! Portugal!
  2. Seeing Fernando Santos, with the facial features of someone who has been through 5 civil wars, being shaken like that is just not right.
  3. It just had to happen. You can't call a national team "disgusting" and have a bunch of random people trying to put us down and not expect karma to strike back. PORTUGAL, CARALHO!!!
  4. No, i tried to get one about ten times (literally) but the response is always the same. Just a couple days after the request they tell me they couldn't find any team despite their efforts, etc etc.. lazy ********.
  5. I completely agree, might as well change those messages to "Press the space bar." ..it would be just as exciting. There is nothing more annoying than spending a couple of days going through a tough season, through all those injuries and headaches just to win a trophy and have the board, IMMEDIATELY, kill all the excitement. Changing that wouldn't be enough, though .. reading the same stuff year after year is just plain boring .. boring, boring, boring. Please, let us have something that will give us the necessary motivation to keep managing the same team for another year. The thing is, i've
  6. no need to explain .. and yes i was managing Vauxhall :thup:
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