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  1. Finally decided to go for it with Pescara. I’ll try update as much as possible. First window deactivated and started early pre-season. What’s everyone’s preference, do you download tactics or try and find something for yourself? For me, I download a few and will try and tinker with them to suit my squad. Have a few tactics I’ve done myself but was pre-update and haven’t used any since
  2. Thanks for the welcome! I’d recommend going Siena if anyone is looking for a Serie C team. Some good young players are disposal (some on loan) I’m swaying towards Pescara, they did come up when I clicked “pick a team for me” so maybe something there. I do have a fiorentina save ready to be used but wanted a bit of a change before getting back to it
  3. Hi everyone. Followed this for a while now and hoping for some advice on teams. Growing up with an Italian family, ive absolutely loved following the league over the years. I’m very much Fiorentina inclined (after Celtic) and always have a save with them and have recently started one up again following the update. However, I decided to try a save with a random Italian team and got Siena. Absolutely loved the save with them but like some have experienced before, the board and their restrictions made me leave the save. I’m thinking of a save with Pescara or Empoli. Anyone done either of these teams? While we’re on lockdown also, I’ll most likely start another Serie A team but always feel a bit wrong going anyone but Fiorentina. Want a team to enjoy short term but not having it all my own way - just to get my appetite back for a save in Serie B Huge post for my first... sorry😂
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