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  1. Hi, I know there has been problems with the online but me and my friends found a fix where we could join each other off the game bar. The issue I have right now is that one of my friends cant use this fix for some reason. Even when they create a game the invite friends option in the "Game Status" menu is not there. Also when they join me or my friends game they specifically cant get in as "The server is unavailable". Any help with this?
  2. Please its been months and lots of people want to play online. When will this be fixed?
  3. Its been months since the last update and still no fix for the online issues. Its a shame since I love online saves and this was such a disappointment. Any communication about a future update would be extremely appreciated
  4. Even though the update put out was supposed to fix the dump crashes when joining online, it has made it worse and the game crashes everytime you go to search for a game now. I really want to play online but im starting to lose hope on this.
  5. Yeah they have been updated fully. The game status page resulted in the same thing so at the minute its impossible for me to join my friends game or vice versa.
  6. Sure I have the file here. In regards to the game bar invite what happens is that you accept it, it loads for a few minutes and then it does nothing and your still on the search for server screen,this had happened every time I accepted an invite. I had used the free trial on steam and it ran very smoothly so im just assuming its an xbox game pass thing. In any regard a fix would be really appreciated. FM 2020 v20.4.1.1364840 (2020.04.27 15.26.37).dmp
  7. Im getting the same crash but i cant see any server names and when i go to search the server name it crashes completely. Accepting an invite through the xbox game bar does nothing either, it just says "joining game" and nothing happens
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