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  1. Does anyone have a working link for TCS 2020 v1.2? I'd love to go back a couple version and try this one out, been specifically recommended to me by a friend.
  2. 1. Ruben Dias 2. Sandro Tonali 3. James Maddison 4. Florentino Luis 5. Fabio Silva I play 4-2-3-1 with Control Possesion/Vertical Tiki-Taka. These guys are immense for me!!
  3. I STARTED WITH SPURS TOO!! (Long post, no TL;DR, this isn't Reddit nerds) Just bought FM little over a fortnight ago during the sale and recently got around to finally starting a save. Tradition is to go with Manchester United first up, but with the **** they pulled suing SI, I don't think I'll ever manage them in FM again. Despicable stuff. But I digress. I've always admired Tottenham from afar, always wanted to manage them but never got around to. Having recently come off a 10-season Road to Glory Salford City save in FM19, I wanted some top dog action. And immediatley, I knew I wanted to manage Spurs. Overthrow the moneybags (and Arsenal) top 4, and finally win the Champions League; those were the lofty ambitions I set out with. Confidently read the first few mails in the inbox, but when I got to my Squad page my heart sank. OH GOD THE INJURIES!! Delle Ali - Hamstring Strain - 6-8 weeks Ben Davies - Torn Groin Muscle - 4-6 weeks Serge Aurier - Broken Hand - 3-6 weeks Ryan Sessegnon - Torn Hamstring - 3-4 months Juan Foyth - Torn Ankle Ligaments - 2-4 months Gedson Fernandes - Broken Toe - 2-3 months For a minute I considered just quitting and starting up with another club, or with the 20.3 patch. But well, for some reason I hung around. And without going into too much detail, managed to get through the pre-season with Cirkin and Skipp playing key roles in the squad. Tanganga was a perpetual fixture at RB throughout, until I got the chance to sign Meunier (transfer-listed at PSG) for like 4m. I needed to make some moves in the transfer market. And fast. 15m was absolutely NOT enough. And checking transfer history I found that Eriksen was sold to Inter Milan for 17 FREAKING MILLION. 17 MILLION GUYS! I would have to pay more than that to sign Charlie Adam!! (not really, but you get what I mean) Within the first month, I managed (SOMEHOW) to sell the following players: Toby Alderweireld - 40m - Manchester United Okay so he was the first player I started offering out to clubs, and did that maybe 3 times with a gap of 2 days between each iteration. I had a bunch of clubs interested, and a few bid like 15m or so. Wasn't having none of that. Left him on transfer listed, upped his asking price to 40m and started him throughout the first 3 weeks of friendlies, and suddenly saw that beautiful 'Wnt' bubble next to his name. Hovered over it, saw United's name, offered him out immediately without looking at price or whatever, and clicked continue. United bid 40m non-negotiable!! I don't think I've ever clicked accept so fast on a transfer offer for any of my players throughout all my FM saves! Bit of luck this one. Moussa Sissoko - 30m - Leicester City I offered him out to clubs once, for 35m, and that piqued a few clubs' interest. Played him in the friendlies, and I guess he must've impressed (there were a LOT of friendlies) and consequently Leicester and two other clubs bid 20-something million for him. Managed to negotiate Leicester to 30m outright, that being after I just bought a played from them (mentioned below) Erik Lamela - 18m - DL Pro (China) This was difficult. At one point I almost accepted 12m for him, but common sense prevailed and I rejected all bids. Newcastle really wanted him, but wouldn't bid above 12m. Gave it a few days and a couple games, then offered him out again. Lo and behold, the Chinese DL Pro team come in with a negotiable 15m offer. Squeezed 18m outright out of them, and felt satsfied for the most part. Michel Vorm - 2.5m - Al Duhail (KSA) Most straightforward of the bunch. He's valued at 1.5m. Offered him out for 3m. Got offers for 2m, negotiated up to 2.5m with two Arab clubs. He chose one himself. We parted ways amicably. These weren't sold together, some were at the beginning, some were towards the end of the transfer window, but overall that gave me a good 72million (80% of 90.5million) plus the original transfer budget of 15m to play with. And boy did I play. Ruben Dias - D(C) - BPD First and foremost, I needed a good reliable BPD, and ain't none better in this year's game than Ruben Dias. Bought him for an initial fee of 13.5m HEAVILY loaded with installment payments over the next 3 years and appearance/performance-related bonuses, for a maximum of 42.5m. Phew. One down. (Alderweireld gets sold, casssshhh comes in) Ricardo Pereira - D(R) - FB Next, I needed quality at RB; Aurier and Tanganga just wouldn't cut it. Meunier did come in, but with Aurier out for God knows how long and his rehabilitation period, I felt like I needed a strong permanent #1 option at RB for the next few years. I had only one name in my mind; Max Aarons. I didn't have silly money tho. Infact, I barely had any. So I went to Leicester, and after negotiating twice, finally managed to get a fee of 12.75m initial plus bonuses (for a total of 36m) agreed for Ricardo Pereira. And no I didn't do that blindly, or just because he was one of the first options my scouts brought up. His stats are insane in this game. He defends well and attacks insanely well. At the half-way point now, and he's arguably my best signing so far! Defense sorted! Thomas Meunier - D(R) - FB Thomas Meunier. Transfer-listed at moneybags PSG. For just 4m. What a shame. I'll have him. For 1.2m plus 5m in bonuses though. Oh you agree? Perfect, merci beaucoup you nonces. On a wage of 70k per week, but understood he was here to be just a squad player. He's been absolutely BRILLIANT when called upon so far. If Ricardo wasn't in the form he's in right now, this guy would start every game. Must buy at the start of your game! Defense re-inforced! (Sissoko is somehow sold, STONKS!) Sandro Tonali - M(C) - DLP I needed some proper creativity in midfield. I mean, Ndombele is amazing, a sheer force of nature really, and Winks is a passing maestro, but those are the only two I had for this season. I needed an understudy, someone who would orchestrate my attacks for years to come. A Pirlo of quarterbacks, so to speak. And I found exactly that. Pirlo's doppelganger, Sando freakin Tonali. This guy, people, ooff! Brescia quoted me somewhere around 84m at first, but I expressed my interest in signing him, as a top target. And he warmed up to me. After a couple weeks I went in again with another long-term heavy bid, and THEY ACCEPTED! I got Tonali in for 15.5m upfront with a total fee of 36m in installments over the next 3 years. AND a further 12m in add-ons. I will be paying nearly 50m for Tonali over the course of playing him. And I'm pretty darn sure I got myself a steal. The kid has been serving up a passing extravaganza so far in the PL and Champions League. Right about now, things were starting to come together and my team, my vision for the future was starting to take shape. And I wasn't done yet. Will update soon, that was a lot to type! There's a few more signings and some amazing results I'd want to share. (Hint: the other marquee signing could just as well belong to refrigeration dunasty!) *All prices are in GBP, wage is per week Summary of Player Buys Ruben Dias - base fee 15million; 3 yearly payments of 6m each; 1m after 20 league appearances, 1m after 30, 1.5m after 40, 2.5m after 50; 1.5m after 10 int'nl appearance, 2.5m after 20; 1.5m after winning CL (by 20/21) Ricardo Pereira - base fee 12million; 3 yearly payments of 6m each; 4 m after 50 league appearances; 4m after 20 int'nl appearances Some youth signings for good measure: (This is also my first post on a forum ever, being a major lurker and having played every FM since 2015 so be kind please! And let me know if there's any written aspect I could expand on or perfect. Oh and sorry for hijacking your post OP, this just seems like a natural place for Spurs managers to convene )
  4. What regen facepack do you use? That is sick! Is this the same as the the YT dude from FMScout?
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