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  1. From 1st name right up till 7th, the best available penalty taker has their name repeated; appearing first on the list and last on the list, as shown in image. I totally forgot to take screenshots of the other selections, but in each case, best available penalty taker's name appears twice. Eg, when picking 5th player, Wilshere's name appeared twice and for 6th player, Grimaldo's name appeared twice. PKM attached, if it helps. Wolves v Atlético de Madrid.pkm
  2. Summary: Own player name when appearing in EPL PoTW is barely visible due to contrast Description of Issue: Well, pretty much the summary. Please please see screenshot attached for visual representation of this issue. Steps to Reproduce: Just get a player from an EPL team into the PoTW (I somehow managed that with United, no easy feat let me tell you)
  3. If before or after a game, I want to direct any words of encouragement, affirmation, appreciation towards a player, I have to sit and tick off ALL the other boxes leaving my single player checked, in order to direct the dialogue towards him. SI, please make it so that if the manager should choose 'Individual' in such a meeting, all the players checkboxes are unchecked so that it's a lot easier to just check off one or two boxes towards the players one wants to direct the conversation.
  4. Offering a player to other clubs on transfer, player doesn't want to leave. Clicked the Persuade to Leave option, and then picked the choice which states "I have too many options in your position and .... yadda yadda". Player responded with the following text.
  5. Is there any way we can get checkboxes to tick off all the parameters we want analysts to look for in a scouted player? I find it so very mighty tedious to click the drop-down, scroll (or type the first letter, then scroll anyway), click and then repeat. I'm hoping we could instead have a small checkbox next to each line item, which can be checked off and then all of them get added at once once you close the drop-down
  6. When first joining a club, the intra-squad team selection is so frustrating!! I saved before this popped up and tried all 3 options; 1st XI vs 2nd XI, 1st XI vs U23s, Pick From Scratch 1st XI vs 2nd XI and Pick From Scratch have the same issue; as soon as I clicked either of those, I'm shown two team selection menus side by side, without vertical scrolling. I'm unable to select the players I want, be it from U23s or U18s, simply because scrolling just isn't there. No bar, nor does the mouse scroll wheel work. The positions and player roles are pre-assigned based on my ta
  7. I've shown the drop-down where Senior Squad is repeated. Also, the last line option for loaning players is only half-visible.
  8. Put out a job posting, several staff applied. I clicked View Applicants as I usually do in order to view in Staff Search bar, but the applicants don't show up there. Just the Staff Search page opens up, albeit showing the correct Conditions for said applicants. Screens:
  9. When viewing the offer from a team to loan one of my players, I can see the loan clauses for extra fee on winning XYZ trophy, twice. Screen:
  10. Usually, in the tactics screen below, when I drag a player from reserves to first team, it scrolls upwards automatically. Well, not anymore. Not sure if gaming error or can be addressed through Preferences. I tried to search for a related option, but couldn't find one. Toggling kinetic scrolling doesn't affect this issue.
  11. Just bought Corentin Tolisso. On a whim, I went to his Trasfer Status page and set an asking price. Then, the wazzock that I am, I changed that asking price. Game promptly crashed. Crash dump attached. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.12 13.17.50).dmp
  12. Oh well, after the time I took to write the above reply, I went back and clicked 'Arrange Friendly' again. Game promptly crashed. Key is spend as less time on Arrange Friendlies page as possible. Second iteration crash dump attached. Sorry if this is too much info guys, just trying to give you everything possible to identify and resolve the matter. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.11 21.19.05).dmp
  13. Re-booted the game, tried to arrange the same friendlies (League format) with the same teams, same order, same dates, same cup name, same match format. This time it worked. No crash. The only difference is this time I was much faster, whereas previously I spent some time picking teams before I hit Confirm. Just incase that helps your diagnosis.
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