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  1. Looks like none of your CMs will provide sufficient support runs on the counter, I’d change the “CAR” role into a MEZ-A or something similar that will help in that regard. If you want to play a counter-attack style you need enough players quickly running forward soon as you get the ball. Hope the next change will help you achieve that. Gl
  2. Hi, so I have been away from the game a while and just wondered if the lovely people of this forum could share some valuable tips. I am aware that everyone plays the game differently, has their own way of going about their save, some prefer quick gameplay some deep detailed slow gameplay. Or some mix it up and might run multiple saves and play them all in a certain way so they run a variety at once. Perhaps this is the question mostly for those who haven't got many hours spare but can only squeeze 30mins - 1h a day of FM, but surely some suggestions can apply to all kind of players. I personally prefer to play the game with more detail, and micro manage a lot but also don't like the game processing too much. Anyway, my question is: 1) How do you make sure your session of FM is fun? 2) Before playing your save, what do you look forward to the most? 3) Is there anything niche and unique you try to do in your save? 4) And vice versa, what do you least enjoy in your save (and why) and what do you do to limit that? I personally do enjoy the team building aspect, sort of rebuilding the senior and the youth team, trying to squeeze out as much I can out of the club given their available resources, the scouting, signing new players that fit my philosophy, building the tactics, analyzing what's wrong and fixing it all and so on. Are there any tips or advice you guys could share? - to make a save more "fun" more enjoyable?
  3. I'm currently doing a similar "fix" with my save, just have to sort out their positions because it created another problem where the fullbacks, the CM and Winger are pretty much colliding with each other. what is this app called btw?
  4. try changing their positions to ML and MR and their roles to be Inverted Wingers. This will solidify your tactic, as they will be starting a bit deeper, put pressure defensively but still make forward runs and create or score, if you're still having issues them shooting too much, lower your mentality or instruct them individually to "Shoot less often"
  5. Well, the tactic is obviously very good, where do you think it could do better? Maybe have a plan B tactic at the ready when things aren’t going as you’d like
  6. @kurupted how’s it playing out for you? aren’t the BBM and the AP getting in the way of the IFs?
  7. then it’s a question of improving those players that miss those 1on1s either training or signing/loaning a player who will do it better. are you near a transfer window soon?
  8. If you really want your Wingers moving in and you want to play a low line and counter. Maybe try a 4-4-2 DM or similar 2CM formation where One of the strikers operates centrally and the other drags players wide on and off the ball. Give your team more variety of movement when going forward, since you want to play counter fast players/players who can play accurate killer balls will help. Just an idea...
  9. How do you prepare your team before a big game? - like vs a league rival away or a cup final. Do you do anything extra for these type of games? Go the “extra mile” to be more prepared in terms of tactics or training?
  10. It sounds like he’s saying he could get better or peak sooner if he plays in a better league than Serie B. (dropping some absolute wisdom bombs there) I’m not sure myself, he’s a 26 year old GK so he hasn’t even peaked and can still improve slightly. Don’t worry too much, if you play the game fairly well you should be in top flight within a few seasons. Edit: Not every opinion of every staff member is gospel, so he could well be wrong too, just like people IRL. But anyway, make sure he gets enough training, with good coaches/facilities and if he is your number 1 goalie he will be just fine.
  11. hey @knap do the instructions for the Left IW and Right IWB vary? As it seems like the players playing the RIW position (TAA, and I’m guessing Milner too ocassionally) seem to get much more assists than LIW (Robertson)
  12. So I've seen people talking about the 20.4.1 update/patch/hotfix and I'm aware that it only changes some visual stuff on the loading screen. - The problem I'm having is that before starting a new save, there is no option for Database 20.4.1 ? - I have no option to update the game on steam either, it says it's up to date - I've "Verified integrity of game files" too, it downloaded a very small update but that wasn't it. I thought if the game was "up to date" then I should start my game on 20.4.1 and not 20.4.0? Any help or advice is appreciated. ta
  13. this is really interesting. this is something you can only do straight after a competitive match I imagine? Where about's is the option to discipline them for poor performance?
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