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  1. He has "Excellent fit" with the core group in the report. He is "Fairly Professional". His Potential ability is 4.5 Stars, so maybe all those things added together, with his high Bravery maybe, make him a Leader in the U18 squad? Idk But one would think that to be a Leader you would be rated higher in the Leadership attribute, no?
  2. I have noticed quite a few players who have very low leadership attribute levels 1-6 are still "Considered a leader" ? Is this a bug? Are my staff just being silly or is leadership alone not the only deciding attribute whether a player is a leader or not?
  3. His determination is already very good at 15 so spending a few seasons with a highly influential mentors should improve his personality, hopefully. Good job getting him to agree on that 106mil. release-clause
  4. I think he advised if players who are very quick and skilful (usually the wingers/forwards with high dribbling, agility, pace, flair, acceleration, balance) - basically a player who can wreck your defender 1v1..there you choose to “Never” man mark
  5. Season 1 Review: 2019/2020 So how did we do? - well, .."not great, not terrible." We finished 4th and lost the play-off semi-final vs Reading 1-4 on aggregate. Really disappointed as I thought we'll be in the Prem next season but it just wasn't to be. Overall performance: We did okay, we were mostly hovering around 5th - 1st place in the league, we had spells of greatness August - November and a period of struggle in December. Some records: I'll briefly rate some players, who played a significant part in our season:
  6. @knap what’s your recommendation for Mentality TI in your tactics? Do you recommend to change it game by game depending on fixture difficulty? Do you recommend to change the Mentality during the game depending on how the game is going? Or is it best to leave it always on Attacking for your tactics?
  7. @Boca1973 Wow Brewster blew up! Did you play one ST or two? Congrats on winning the league!
  8. @Boca1973 smashing it!! Hope your players stay fit so you can win the league! @JaytheGreat Did you get a nice boost in your transfer budget once you got promoted to the prem? What about the season after? Just wondering what type of player I can afford should I get promoted.
  9. this ^^ I think many of us can agree that the ME isn’t perfect and that the frequency of “sitters” and “1v1s” missed by miles is a tad too high no matter what level or player but at the same time we know that some of it is the ME, yes, but some of it can be his tactic, and sometimes it’s just “not your day“. Posting a few screens and raging the game is broken isn’t probably the best way of going about it. But at least he has done his rant and vent and went back to other games. (maybe even an older fm) Let’s hope this improves in FM21 if not he can make the choice not to buy the game
  10. Obviously playing away from home is harder, naturally and so it should, however; Is there anything that helps your team and your individual players to perform better in away games? Like certain attributes or certain personalities? Is there a certain tactic that you believe makes your team play well in those pesky away games? What's your stance on "Mentality" in tactical approach, do you change it in away games? Anything else that you believe helps your team play better in away games?
  11. He hasn’t said what the actual original was. I’ve also tested that tactic with Crystal Palace and they couldn’t avoid being relegated and finished 18th so it probably doesn’t suit teams low down the table.
  12. I've just ran a quick 1 season sim with Liverpool and here's what came out in the first run. High scoring tactic, lots of 6-0, 5-1 4-0 results. Won all cups but the FA Cup. Makes the most out of Corners and Free kicks. 16 Penalties scored in the league, which is double of second placed Arsenal lol Edit: Tested with Crystal Palace and they got relegated. Might do another test later tonight.
  13. I like this idea. This would be so helpful at LLM
  14. I disagree. If the ME gathers the required information (all the deciding factors) and based on that reads that the shot should not be of high quality then it won’t be. And most likely be showcased by a player just shooting straight into goalkeepers hands for example.
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