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  1. 2 hours ago, lex311085 said:

    The sacking was not reasonable but Sunderland at the same time wouldn't have given the job to someone with just semi pro experience and a pro license. I think that's the problem. 

    Ben Garner who’s manager at Bristol Rovers was appointed this season, he has no past playing experience or managing experience, he was just a first team coach at a few clubs. Just would like FM to tweak a few things and it would be spot on.

  2. 8 hours ago, zyfon5 said:

    of course it is unfortunate that he was sacked due to new owners coming in but it happens in real life. ten games can be the difference between winning the league in the end or dropping out of top 6 so nothing is guaranteed at that point. if it is like 2 or 3 games then sure SI might want to consider changing the programming there so that the AI is more patient at that point. as i have said earlier, u can use the in game editor if u want to remove realism from the game. 

    I understand that there’s a hinge of realism to it but not being able to get another job T the same level is the joke!

  3. 2 hours ago, Norfair said:

    I agree that sounds like proper bs. Even if it's something that could perhaps realistically happen remotely irl, it's one of those things that simply adds nothing positive to the gameplay experience, plus it seems to happen too often. And the fact that no one hired you even when you were successful at Sunderland just isn't right. I've hated this feature from day one.

    Yeah mate super frustrating, the game should be advanced enough to recognise when you are doing well, the press reports after I was sacked was bs too, talking about poor results being the reason I was sacked ffs😂

  4. So in my first season in charge of Sunderland I had 10 games left and was 1st in the league, meeting all objectives and had plenty of money to spend. Change of ownership comes in and sacks me but not only that I’m trying to apply for other manager jobs and no one above the national league will take me? I literally applied for over 15 jobs in league 1 and the championship.
    This game is supposed to be realistic I’m so bitterly disappointed as i was loving how my career was going. Please fix this as I don’t want to start a new career all over again as I put hours into the old one. So poor, especially as it’s the 2020 version.
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