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  1. Ben Garner who’s manager at Bristol Rovers was appointed this season, he has no past playing experience or managing experience, he was just a first team coach at a few clubs. Just would like FM to tweak a few things and it would be spot on.
  2. Not exactly unrealistic, tried to be a manager of the same calibre as Andre villas-boas (no playing experience) and even Jose Mourino (played low level football in Portugal). To earn the respect of everyone was the challenge I tried to do so no it wasn’t unrealistic.
  3. I understand that there’s a hinge of realism to it but not being able to get another job T the same level is the joke!
  4. Yeah mate super frustrating, the game should be advanced enough to recognise when you are doing well, the press reports after I was sacked was bs too, talking about poor results being the reason I was sacked ffs😂
  5. Pro license but semi pro playing experience - i only did semi pro playing experience as it makes it more of a challenge but the game should be advanced enough not to just base your future jobs off of that. So frustrating.
  6. So in my first season in charge of Sunderland I had 10 games left and was 1st in the league, meeting all objectives and had plenty of money to spend. Change of ownership comes in and sacks me but not only that I’m trying to apply for other manager jobs and no one above the national league will take me? I literally applied for over 15 jobs in league 1 and the championship. This game is supposed to be realistic I’m so bitterly disappointed as i was loving how my career was going. Please fix this as I don’t want to start a new career all over again as I put hours into the old one. So po
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