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  1. So I tried to load up FM2020 this morning for my daily dose of disappointment to discover it had disappeared. I reinstalled, this time via Windows Store as opposed to the Xbox app, slightly optimistic that maybe the issues of the last few weeks had been fixed. Things have gotten worse. We are still crashing every time we are searching for online games and our old workaround of inviting friends via Xbox (despite the inbox not working) no longer works as well. The option to accept won’t acknowledge you’ve clicked on it, unlike decline which you can click on. Can you offer any insight whatsoever because I feel like this is just a waste of time and money now. I’m currently just two days shy of game time and I’d honestly say just over half of that has been me spent extending turn times waiting for my friend to try and join the game each evening only for us to fail and give up. Any update would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This. It’s been weeks now we have been having to deal with the crash dump issues coupled with no inbox. Not a single update other than “it’s under review”, all we ask is that you’re transparent. I couldn’t imagine any other franchise losing online capabilities for a couple of hours without issuing a statement, never mind weeks. It’s amateur at best and ignorant at worst.
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