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  1. llama3, in your guide you talk about the 'AMC Triangle', specifically looking at the link between the MC's and the AMC. And in the strikers section you talk about the Creator/Scorer, notionally an AMC/FC combo. But what of the AMC/FC/FC, the 'AMC Striker Triangle'? ===FC-FC=== ====AMC==== ===MC-MC=== Here you have a strike partnership with a creator behind, how would you link that up effectively? And would you build the 'Eggtimer' from the base(MC's) or from the top(FC's)? Setting the MC roles first, link the AMC to them, and then link the FC roles on top, or the other way round? I am thinking about this from a 3-5-2 persepctive, but this also applies to the people who like to play a narrow diamond, then you end up with 3 triangles as the 'DMC Triangle' comes in too!
  2. Owl83 - Eintracht Trier - Season 4 Table I cant quite believe how well I did. In a bit of a risky move I blooded as many of the young players as possible, ditching a large amount of my title winners as a result. We were very inconsistent for the first half of the season, understandably, but then finished with a 13 game unbeaten streak, including winning the last 8. By the end of the season I was regularly fielding 7 or 8 17 year olds in my first 11. If you're good enough..... Beat a Bundesliga side in the first round of the cup, 4-3AET, then lost narrowly in the second round to another one, promising performances Squad 1 Squad 2 Youth Intake 6 got tagged, another strong intake really, although the lack of a high quality keeper is beginning to become a serious worry. Marcel Thomas YP04a - short DM with some versatility Jannik Bell YP04b - giant of a CB who offers a natural variation at sweeper Thomas Ziegler YP04c - versatile midfielder with a left foot, plugs a gap I had long term on the left Philipp Breu YP04d - aggressive, determined CB. Big for his age too, should turn out to be a beast Rene Marx YP04e - terrier like DM, despite it saying he can play CB, at 5'5" he wont unless its an emergency, and I doubt he will grow too much Wolfgang Wolf YP04f - striker with good finishing, plenty of work to do on his composure though, his rating went up after I gave him a contract and then he got his tag Previous Intakes Simon Maier YP00a - I took the decision to cash in, selling him to Gladbach for £325k + £100k after 10 goals and 50% of his next transfer fee. He remained injury prone and only made 1 appearance for them. We didnt miss him a lot in truth Jens Kohler YP01a - was evident after a couple of games that he was my best player by a distance, even at 17. Made the team of the year and won supporters player of the year. Jason Cook YP01b - a solid season for the American/German on the right of midfield, plenty more to come Thierry Mununga YP01c - inconsitent, but on his day a match winner. Played mostly as my DLF Mehmet Aydin YP01d - Maier's replacement as our spearhead, and now a target for all the big Turkish sides. Plenty more to come Torsten Friedrich YP01e - converted to a DM and did a good job Felix Stadelmann YP02a - turned 17 late[/url] - played after the mid season registration and despite a sticky start became a big part of my defence - another left back being converted to DM, he got a few games at the back end of the season - striker who got some game time late in the season, and after a horrendous early few games started to settle and popped up with some key goals in my run-in The rest continued their development in the U19's Maik Schmitt YP03a Mario Schug YP03b Lasse Stegmann YP03c Murat Uscuplic YP03d Isa Unal YP03e Frank Pluntke YP03f Maurice Gunther YP03g - one that wasnt highly rated 12 months previously, and therefore wasnt tagged, is now a stand out prospect. Will likely become a centre mid unless he grows Other Transfers are clean. Finances are now going the right way after the TV money and then the prize money! This also allowed me to secure a training upgrade, and a youth training upgrade My board also decided to do this.....it is a year until I can cancel it, and I will obviously not play any players that get given to me Aims Get promoted Integrate more of the young players Try to improve in the cup
  3. Cheers! Yeah, the German 2nd Division is awash with money, so debt not an issue for a while. I am almost through season 4, so another update coming soon!
  4. Owl83 - Eintracht Trier - Season 3 Table Incredible! We were in and around the top 3 all season, finally hitting the top with about 6 games to go. Munster, who were cruising at one point, imploded a little and the title was ours! Squad Everyone chipped in with goals, as Maier's injury issues persisted, as we ended up the top scorers in the league. Despite me thinking my tactic is not particularly solid defensively we also got the most clean sheets, and had about the 5th or 6th best defence. Youth Intake 6 got tagged, and again a few others were given youth contracts to see if they improve. Maik Schmitt YP03a - striker, good finishing, hopefully he can show good progression Mario Schug YP03b - a beast of a DM already and only 14, plenty of scope for improvement, excited about this guy Lasse Stegmann YP03c - versatile striker, finishing is an issue at this stage Murat Uscuplic YP03d - right winger, decent physicals, decent raw attributes Isa Unal YP03e - 2nd right winger of the intake with decent raw attributes Frank Pluntke YP03f - centre back, will hopefully grow a bit as I prefer 6ft+ centre backs Previous Intakes Most showed good progression again, although Maier YP00a probably stalled a little. Also, he is injury prone and wont discuss a new contract, I might cash in.... Jens Kohler YP01a Jason Cook YP01b Thierry Mununga YP01c Mehmet Aydin YP01d Torsten Friedrich YP01e Felix Stadelmann YP02a Jens Low YP02b Jan-Lucas Kraft YP02c Felix Cimander YP02d Other Transfers are clean. Finances are going the wrong way, but I hear of good things financially in the German second tier Aims Stay up Finally integrate the YP01 players who will all be old enough to play Make some money and try and improve facilities
  5. Owl83 - Eintracht Trier - Season 2 Table Well, that was a pleasant surprise! We were pretty much always in the promotion mix, going as high as 2nd on occasions. One win in my last 6, including a 7-4 loss, as we ran out of steam, cost me a play off spot. When this happened I thought it would leave me in a relegation battle as he is my main creative man in the centre of midfield, with no proper cover. Now I wonder what we could have achieved without that injury. Squad Albutrin Aliu was again top scorer, more on the reasons for that below. Other notable performers were centre back Christoph Buchner, winger Lennard Sowah and winger/striker Marco Quotschalla Finances These are rapidly going in the wrong direction. Mostly because my younger players are still too young, so I am having to keep on some expensive older players whilst I wait, this is compounded by small attendances Youth Intake 2 Screenshot. 4 got tagged this year, not a lot behind that, but i signed an extra couple to cover me long term. Although I wont be tagging them unless they show remarkable progress. Felix Stadelmann YP02a - thankfully a centre back, and a good prospect Jens Low YP02b - another centre back who also looks promising Jan-Lucas Kraft YP02c - another full back, which doesnt suit my system Felix Chimander YP02d - striker, with some work on his movement he will be a decent player I think Youth Player Progress The guys in the U19's have shown some progress. Jens Kohler YP01a Jason Cook YP01b Thierry Mununga YP01c Mehmet Aydin YP01d Torsten Friedrich YP01e Only Simon Maier YP00a has been old enough to get game time. He didnt play as much as I had hoped as he is pretty injury prone, and he has already started to angle for a move to a bigger club......a hat trick in his 5th senior match did signal the talent we know he has though. Fortunately Aliu stepped up again and we were ok Others We got our second international call up Transfers are clean Season 3 Aims Try to get promoted Hopefully keep people fit and healthy for longer
  6. You make a good point! On reflection, DM could suit him, so I may look to play him there. Although in my formation I need my wingers to be good defensively, especially against the better sides. Something to think about anyway
  7. Owl83 - Eintracht Trier - Season 1 Table We were never in danger of being relegated really, and gradually moved away from the bottom 3 or 4 over the season. Especially after a change to 3-1-4-2 in late November. 3 defeats in the last 4 cost me a much higher finishing position Albutrin Aliu was the star with 21 goals, although I think his time as the main striker will be short lived Youth Intake I forgot to screenshot the whole lot, but 5 got tagged as 'good/leading division 3' standard. Jens Kohler YP01a - definitely something to work with here, although I dont play with a number 10 currently, I will look to change that though Jason Cook YP01b - right winger who looks reasonable Thierry Mununga YP01c - bags of flair and another number 10. Versatile too Mehmet Aydin YP01d - big brave striker who could be a good foil for Maier long term Torsten Friedrich YP01e - best of the lot apparently, but will have to re-train as a left mid due to my formation Forgot to screenshot Simon Maier YP00a at the end of the season, but nothing remarkable had happened, his original screenshot is linked Frustrating all of them are 14, going to be a couple of years before I can play them due to Germany's rules Others Contract negotiations were easy, and I secured a junior coaching upgrade, we also got our first international call up Transfers are clean bar the pre-arranged one I mentioned in my previous post Season 2 Aims Finish in the top half Get Maier on the pitch as much as I can!
  8. Having messed about in the beta with a Holland save, I have headed off to Germany in the full version. I am now manager of SV Eintracht Trier 05, a club in the (allegedly) oldest town in Germany, near the border with Luxembourg. Here's hoping I can take them to glory! Manager Profile Imagine my delight when checking the squad and I found this =138126750&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3"]guy who had come through in the previous youth intake. Coaches think he should become a good first division striker, and already a number of Bundesliga sides sniffing around. Could be tough to hold on to him long term..... Also, 1 transfer as a legacy of the previous regime I started this a few days ago, so almost have the season 1 update ready
  9. I thought the fake file only applied to real life players? So as your long term youth players are not real they should win caps Anyway, there is a fix out there, but you would have to start a new game for it to take effect
  10. I havnt played as much as I would have hoped, but its tough, as expected. Although I think my WKE side have what it takes to stay up. It appears I have now found a tactic which is effective, which is a help Still think I will use this as an experiment and then start again once the full game is released
  11. Mmmm, I was thinking of giving this a go in Holland this year......I guess it will be a test of my tactical nous if its that hard Its bound to end badly
  12. I am using this tactic, although slightly tweaked, with St Albans in Blue Square South. Having just missed promotion in my first season I am joint top going into the final 10 games of the second season. Add to that a run to the 3rd round of the FA Cup and the QF's of the FA Trophy, beating a number of sides from higher leagues along the way My tweak was to move the AMRC into a striker role - Advanced Forward. I then moved the 2 remaining AMC's central, so I now have what I call the midfield 'box'. The 2 MC's winning the ball and laying the platform for the 2 AMC's to create the chances and chip in with goals. These 4 players can control the game if they are up to the task so I have my strategy as 'control' for almost all my games, changing to a defensive or counter if I feel its necessary, and attack/overload when chasing. Added to this, my striker is banging in the goals, and is well on course for another season of 30+ league goals. I didnt like the lack of a striker initially which is why I made the change, but I was a fan of the way the tactic was playing out in the build up, I made the tweak more in hope than expectation, but it has worked out Personnel have made a huge difference, I have made sure I have players suited to the roles/positions in my side. My first season I was let down by a lack of depth, and certain players being forced to play in a way which didnt suit their attributes/preferred roles. I addressed this for season 2 and have reaped the rewards so far. With the wing backs though, I worry more about the attributes of the player than the position/role. My 2 RWB's are nowhere near comfortable playing there(although they are both competent as regular right backs) according to the coach reports, but they are both averaging over 7. They have attributes suited to playing in that role and it seems to work. Defensively I am very solid in season 2, again, I got in a couple of very decent centre backs, and my 3 first choice CB's are all averaging over 7, and my goals conceded per game is around 0.8 Hopefully I will gain promotion! Thanks Braumiller, great tactic!! Oh, and KUTGW with your youth team save, I am keeping an eye on that thread to check your progress
  13. I rarely post, but feel compelled to regarding FMC. Its a great addition, but I feel in some aspects it has been stripped back too far. I would advise putting the following in next time or with a patch? Database size & league options - give us the full range of database options and league settings as in the full version. Let the player decide what is best for his/her game Scouting - let the player decide where to send scouts, even if its only regions As has been mentioned above, there is no need to cut out information that doesnt need any actions on it. What most people(who wanted this version) wanted to see the back of were the excessive media interaction, the detailed and complex training and the massively detailed match experience. On the whole this is back to how it was about 10 years ago which in many peoples eyes is when the series was at its best(CM99/00 through to FM05 were the heyday in my opinion) But I think scouting and league/database options have been stripped back a little bit too far
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