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  1. we did it !! great tactic mate!! hope it continues in season 4.
  2. this was my season now training malen to AML and i am searching for a good f9
  3. 2nd season almost finished whith psv became 2nd ( ajax is just to strong ) but won the cup against them and im still in the euro cup semi final love this tactic next season i hope to win the title
  4. how do you manage youte team in top games ? what do you do whith team talks etc? i like the tactic but it seems like i can't manage to win a championship.
  5. im psv second season january lost all games against top teams and lost point every time a top team lost points yes u have fast if's hard working midfield and backs that can cross
  6. i win a lot of games whith this tactic but every importent match i lose aigainst a top team, cup final etc ... how can i make sure to win them?
  7. what do you do to take the lead in a hard game and to keep it when your'e leading 1goal last 20 - 15 min ?
  8. i have set the opposition instructions as in op , do you think removing play wide would help ? or maybe change the backline ?
  9. i decided to test the tactic in my standard ( belgium ) save, for now it is amasing 5w in 5 games.
  10. im gonna test it in my 3rd season whith marseille what does the instruction stay wider ? sorry for bad english
  11. nah mate i don't like the way you have to play this yeats fm.. first i thouth it was something i did wrong in the tactics i created but even whith downloaded tactics of the best creators i can't seem to get over the second season dip.. it's a real shame
  12. i have the same problem second season is even worse already lost 3 times and didn't play aigainst a top team yet..
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