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  1. We were a 91st minute goal away from taking Steaua Bucharest to extra time in the Conference League playoff game. We have now £1.3m in the bank which has allowed me to get another academy coaching upgrade past the board. Annoyingly, they keep denying me any facility upgrades and won't improve the youth recruitment either. Despite us being the third reputable club the bookies have us at even longer odds to win the league. If I was a betting man I'd definitely be having a tipple on the defending champions at 150/1!
  2. Season Review - 2022/23 We were very prolific in the second half of the season, hitting 4 goals or more on 5 occasions. Our form fell off a cliff at the end of the season, but there is a reason for that... We won our first Premier Division title with 3 games to spare! I put some young lads in for the last 3 games to give them some first team experience and the better sides in the league took advantage and we got deserved beatings. This was annoying, and prevented our first domestic treble. Morale dropped from the league defeats and bringing my first team players back couldn't change it. Inter d'Escaldes are a second division side and I'd much rather it was Engordany taking the final European spot next season. Adrian Pena 21k - Vicente Montesdeoca 22h - Jose Jesus Pinero 21b A tale of two strikers really. When I lost Pena for 8 weeks just after Christmas I was convinced the season was over, but Montesdeoca came in with an impressive contribution of 9 goals in 7 games (including 8 in his first 2!) Andorran Teams in Europe F.C. Santa Coloma Now this is a European run! Santa Coloma made up for my disappointing showing by getting within one goal of a group stage appearance. We'll be taking their place in the CL next season and I'd be more than happy with a run like this. Sant Julia Sant Julia also made it though a qualifying round before being soundly beaten by the much stronger Czech outfit. Casa Benfica A poor showing not dissimilar to our own, Casa also finished rock bottom of the league and will be back in the Second Division next season. Around Europe Real Madrid had a season to remember managing a mightily impressive 102 points to win their first La Liga title for 6 years with Barcelona just 4 points behind. Man City regained the Premier League title for the first time since 2020. Norwich, Southampton and Fulham were relegated and will be replaced by West Brom, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United. A shock in Italy as Lazio pip Juventus to win their first title for 23 years. Dortmund are back on top in Germany, winning the title by a staggering 16 points. Bayern finish second on just 68 and must be hoping one of Erling Haaland's raft of admirers offers enough to prize him away from Dortmund next term. A ridiculous second half of the season means PSG go from second place at Christmas to winning the title by 20 points. Celtic win their 12th title in a row with Rangers way down in fourth behind Aberdeen and surprise package Hamilton Academical.
  3. Youth Intake 2023 More gold stars is always good, there's one clear stand out here. He's very good for our level. I think he'll be going straight into the starting 11 next season. Needs a little work but I'm optimistic he can contribute.
  4. With clear disregard for my mid season review where I banished them to relegation, Fulham, Norwich and Huddersfield have all gone on terrific runs of form to climb out of the bottom three despite none of them having 10 points at the turn of the year.
  5. Mid Season Review - 2022/23 We started off the season by beating FC Santa Coloma in the Super Cup. I'm not too bothered about this competition in the long term, the only goal I have with it is to overtake FC Santa Coloma's record of 9 wins. Unbeaten up until New Years eve, a particularly fruitful October and November flanked by mixed form in September and December. I really didn't see such a poor performance against Engordany coming, they played a fantastic counter attacking game and we came up more than a little short. I do wonder if we'll see more sides park the bus and try and hit us on the break as our reputation climbs, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We're top going into 2023, but it certainly isn't comfortable with our nearest challengers just 3 points behind. We don't have the best form in January in previous years, but hopefully we can break that little curse this season and kick on from here. Star Player - Adrian Pena 21k Adrian is here for the second season in a row. Despite only scoring 6 in 12 he's averaging a very impressive 7.38 and has 3 MOTM awards. It seems the powers that be also agree.. The first time one of our players has won an award that until now I wasn't aware of. Hopefully we'll win a few more in the future. Around Europe Real Madrid are out in front in La Liga for the first time in this save, with Barcelona 5 points behind. F.C. Andorra have made it into the second tier after promotion last season, but unfortunately are next to bottom and look like going back down. Man City are looking dominant in England with only Man City and Liverpool having any realistic hope of stopping them winning back their crown. Chelsea haven't managed to follow up their title winning season and sit in 4th. None of the bottom three have even managed to get 10 points on the board, with Norwich (6), Fulham (8) and Huddersfield (9) all looking certainties for the drop. Dortmund are back at the top of the Bundesliga with Bayern surprisingly down in third. This is not a drill! PSG are not top of Ligue 1. They are level with Lyon though and it wouldn't at all surprise me to see them overtake them sooner rather than later. Take a moment to feel sorry for Queen of the South, who are currently bottom of the SPL with 0 points from their first 14 games.
  6. Four international call ups is a new record for us. A quick look around the national side throws up something quite interesting. Far and away the best Andorran footballer in the game. What is interesting about him is that he came through Villarreal's academy rather than a side with any links to Andorra, which gives me hope the national team can improve going forward.
  7. Pre Season 2022/23 Our first perfect pre season, albeit not against the strongest of opposition. Nothing spectacular for us here, but what is interesting is the amount of sponsorship money coming in for Sant Julia, more than 10x FC Santa Coloma and 20x the rest of the division. Now I'm not sure what's caused it, so started by looking at reputation.. Nope, they're not even the most reputable club in Andorra. I'm not sure what's given them such a boost, but it's promising and hopefully something we can aim for going forward. We're finally higher up the rep rankings than all the Second Division sides (albeit still below all the Premier League teams still) so I'm hoping they'll now stop trying to poach my first time players. The bookies weren't even slightly impressed by our strong season last term, putting us at even longer odds of winning the title this time around. No need to expand the stadium any time soon.
  8. A disappointing first foray into Europe. We threw the first game away conceding twice in injury time and had 63% of the ball and more shots in the second but kept getting caught on the break. On the plus side the money from that little outing secured us another academy coaching upgrade.
  9. I've got to be honest despite being fairly well versed in most European leagues this is a team I've never heard of and know nothing about. A quick bit of research tells me they're a Moldovan team, who in 2015 became only the second side to stop Sheriff winning the title there since 2001. They only have greyed out players, but they look better than my players so I expect a tough test here.
  10. Isidro Rodriguez, the star behind our rise up the Andorran football pyramid has opted to retire. I'm disappointed he didn't stick around for one crack at European football (he was and would still have been our starting CM), but I am glad he finished the final season of career with a cup winners medal.
  11. Season Review 2021-22 A mixed bag of results but generally more green that red. 4 wins from 6 after the split reaffirmed my belief we performed better against the stronger sides throughout the season. Whilst finishing second and qualifying for Europe in my first season in the top flight despite being huge favourite to go down is incredible, I can't help but think it could and should have been more. We went toe to toe with the established top two all season but looking at our results against the lesser sides gives more insight into where we need to improve. Just 9 points from a possible 24 against the bottom four teams, including just 1 from bottom club Penya Encarnada is where we lost the title in the end. A cup win gives us our first 'major' domestic trophy of the save! We had favourable home draws all the way, with the 1-0 in the final against U.E Santa Coloma in the final a lot more comfortable than it appeared. We also got £12,000 prize money for winning the final, which although doesn't look a lot keeps us out of the red before we enter Europe next season for the first time. Adrian Pena 21k - Ricardo Vila 20h - Jose Jesus Pinero 21b I didn't bring Adrian Pena into the team until just before Christmas but when I did he just couldn't stop scoring. 17 goals in 14 games including 7 in the cup coupled with an average rating of 7.77 was a terrific return. Unfortunately due to our low reputation half of Andorra are now interested in him, even the Second Division teams and one non-league side! Andorran Teams in Europe Sant Julia Not a good showing with a just a win over Tre Penne of San Marino to show for their efforts. FC Santa Coloma Poor, although Larne did romp to their first ever league title led by a young English striker who could quite easily play in League One. FS Massana I didn't expect much from FS Massana being a Second Division side and they still managed to disappoint. Around Europe Another 100+ point, unbeaten season for Barcelona in Spain. It was all too much for the powers that be at Real Madrid, who sacked Carlo Ancelotti despite finishing the season with 97 points! Tough crowd. Chelsea win their first Premier League title since 2017. They were so far in front they decided to lose their last four games and still win the league by 4 points. Bristol City, Sheffield United and Crystal Palace are relegated, the latter only managing a miserable 16 points. Bayern win back their title in Germany, an impressive 88 point haul putting them 8 ahead of Dortmund. Wolfsburg's 24 year stay in the Bundesliga ended as they went down bottom with just 20 points. Juventus, Celtic, Ajax, Porto, TNS and PSG all retained their titles. Other than Juventus who have been unpredicatable, I'm not sure the other 5 are going to stop at any point in the next decade. As mentioned further up Larne dethroned Linfield to win their first ever top flight title. They ended up romping home by an impressive 19 points, though spearheaded by this guy it's hardly surprising I'd totally forgotten about FC Andorra who play in the Spanish league system until this season. I'd only had La Liga active so far, but I've added the second and third tier (where FC Andorra currently are) from next season to see how they get on.
  12. Youth Intake 2022 Well hello gold CA stars! My HOYD wasn't wrong about a relative golden generation and there's definitely some talent in here. Already better than our starting left back and I'll be throwing him straight in the deepend for the remaining games. Our starting goalkeeper is Xavier Lopez, who as well as being with the club since the start of the save is also probably our best player ability wise. Sanchez is a fair way off him but already better than our current number 2.
  13. 5 games left and it's very much all to play for at the top..
  14. In 23 years of playing FM I've never had 4 players sent off in one game before. We actually conceded the first goal with 11 on the pitch, and the second straight after the first red from the resulting penalty. It seems we play better with 10, 9, 8 and 7 after all..
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