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  1. Hi all, this is my first ever topic on the site and first time uploading updates about a save of mine. I often come and view different saves, hoping to potentially get confident enough to post. Now I am. OH Leuven Why OH Leuven? As a Leicester City supporter, I've always kept an eye on how the Belgium side do ever since the King Power company since 2017. They recently got promoted back to the Pro League A after a few years stuck in the countries second division. One of the favourites to go down this season, they've surprised a number of people within the country and remain in the battle for European football next season. They have Andy King, Filip Benkovic and Josh Eppiah- all once at Leicester City. So here it goes, update coming once I get to January. Thank you.
  2. Could you show me your 3-5-2 tactic mate? I'm interested in how you've got it working with a back three?
  3. I’ve just started a save with OH Leuven in Belgium. Their financial issues are quite bad themselves. Love the prospect of leading a small club in the top division to the top and best in Europe. Aim to win the UCL with them and win the WC with Belgium☑️
  4. Is this at the set-up? When choosing nations?
  5. Hi guys, in my save all the games are kicking off at the same time. There is no lunchtime kick-off or even Sunday games? Any idea why this has happened?
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